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Our hot air balloon pilots love introducing new people to the magic of flight. Want to know more about us?
Eliav Cohen (Hot Air Balloon Pilot)

Since 2009, I’ve been passionate about hot air ballooning. There is nothing quite like seeing an eagle’s nest from the sky, watching elk and horses graze in their fields, flying inches above corn tassels, skimming the bottom of a hot air balloon basket on a river or lake, and enjoying the incredible views of Mt. Rainier without the sound of a loud engine.

I’m fortunate to have learned flying from a true French ballooning traditionalist in Nashville, TN. He taught me that no balloon flight is complete without a proper toast. To this day, all of our hot air balloon flights end with rare, private-labeled champagne, triple-cream brie, and fresh baguettes. That kind of luxury hot air ballooning experience is almost unheard of in the USA. Other companies North of Seattle in Woodinville and Snohomish use large balloons that carry 8-12 passengers at a time.

That experience is fun, but it’s just not the same! Since most people will only take one balloon flight in their lifetime, I’d rather show them an intimate experience - with an unbelievable flight path directly in front of Mt. Rainier.

I’ve been involved in balloon festivals all over the country and have launched balloons in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Phoenix, Utah, and Chiang Mai, Thailand. We look forward to making sure your hot air balloon experience is safe, luxurious, and one you’ll talk about for years to come.

Hot Air Balloon Crew

These folks make your flight possible. We couldn't do it without them!
Ryan F. (Crew Chief/CTO)
Ryan is an amazing crew chief, and he’s also our CTO. Ryan is in charge of making sure all ground operations go well, and keeping our website in tip-top shape.
Stewart W. (Crew)
Stewart has been helping crew for the last 3 years, and mainly helps crew for special hot air balloon events.
Lily C. (Wife/greatest crew lady ever)
Lily is my supportive wife who helps me do what I love. When she is not delivering babies as a midwife, she can often be convinced to wake up at 4am to come chase the balloon.