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Questions About Hot Air Ballooning In Seattle

Hot air balloons are magical, and most people have questions about hot air ballooning. Questions like:

  1. How do you control the direction of a hot air balloon?
  2. How high in altitude will we go on our hot air balloon flight?
  3. Do we land at the same place? How do we get back?
  4. Why do hot air balloons fly at sunrise and sunset?
  5. Where do you land the hot air balloon at the end of the flight?
  6. Do you need a license to fly a hot air balloon?
  7. Can I get engaged in a hot air balloon?
  8. Can my kids come along for the hot air balloon ride?

If you're interested in possibly booking a hot air balloon ride, learning about how hot air balloons work, or looking at becoming a hot air balloon pilot, you'll enjoy our hot air balloon video series. Once hot air ballooning season starts in March, we will be producing live Facebook videos while flying. In the meantime, you can get additional questions answered on our FAQ page.