Seattle Hot Air Balloon Ride Adventures Blog

Hunt Pokémon From The Sky

Now you can Pokémon hunt from a hot air balloon over Seattle. Seattle Ballooning starting July 15, is offering special Pokémon hunting from aloft.

"I will travel across the land, Searching far and wide."

We fly you to areas only accessible by hot air balloon. You'll fly right at treetop, float feet above lakes and rivers, and cruise over herds of elk and cattle. You'll discover hard to get to Pokéstops, unbeaten gyms, and the best opportunity to catch rare Pokemon. Yesterday we caught a few new crew members.

We do suggest taking some time to look up from your phone. Otherwise, you might miss seeing bald eagles, large herds of elk, or even Mt. Rainier...

Book your private Pokémon hunting flight here. Starting at $245 for children under 15, and $275 for adults. Grab the kids, take an adventure, and "Catch Em' All".