Catch A Salmon From A Hot Air Balloon?

Look closely, and you’ll see one our recent hot air balloon passengers fly fishing from our hot air balloon. Our sunrise hot air balloon flights almost always fly over the Green River just south of Seattle in Auburn Washington. Salmon season starts each year in August, and the Green River is stocked full. With a hot air balloon, we are able to float over the middle of the river where the largest salmon are. When the hot air balloon is inches above the surface, you’ll feel like you could reach out and grab one. You’ll see thousands of salmon through the crystal clear water. Feel free to bring your fishing pole (and fishing license) and try to catch a salmon during your hot air balloon ride. If you are successful, we expect to be invited to dinner.

Seattle Hot Air Balloon Rides Fly fishing

Seattle Ballooning provides hot air balloon flights and hot air balloon rides in Seattle from early March to late October. If you are interested in booking a hot air balloon flight for your anniversary, bucket list, birthday, or fishing trip feel free to click here and book your hot air balloon ride online. Otherwise, you can call and chat with our chief pilot Eliav at 206-588-9788.

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Chief pilot of Seattle Ballooning. I get the opportunity to provide luxury hot air balloon rides just South of Seattle in front of Mt. Rainier. When you do what you love, it’s not considered work.

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