You’re Afraid Of Heights And Hot Air Ballooning

It’s Ok To Be Scared Of Heights

7.5% of all people on the planet have some anxiety about heights. They even have a name for it Acrophobia. The good news is that we’ve taken thousands of guests flying in our hot air balloons, and almost everyone finds it peaceful and relaxing. Even folks who had some apprehension before the flight found themselves giving up their grip on the uprights in less than 10 minutes. Here are some common questions from guests that had some anxiety about heights:

What Does It Feel Like To Fly In A Hot Air Balloon?

The balloon ascends very gradually, and most people barely notice that the basket has left the ground. The basket is entirely still as it floats through the air and does not swing or rock. After the initial ascension, most passengers don’t hold on and start taking photos with their phones.

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What Does It Feel Like When The Balloon Descends?

Most of the time, descending isn’t even noticeable. Hot air balloons typically descend at 100-400 ft per minute, whereas typical commercial airplane flights descend at 700-1500ft per minute.

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What About The Wind?

Hot air balloons move with the wind. What you’ll notice is that the flight is silent (except for the noise of the burner ever 20 seconds or so). We also do not fly in fast wind or any bad weather. You can also learn more about how balloons are controlled on our FAQ video page.

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Still Worried About Going Up In A Balloon?

Our pilots have a 100% safety rating and are some of the world’s top hot air balloon pilots. They are happy to answer any questions you may have prior to and during the flight. If you want to go on a hot air balloon ride but are nervous or afraid, feel free to contact us via phone. We are happy to answer your questions and put your mind at ease. Remember that we have helped thousands of passengers celebrate their anniversaries and birthdays. Everyone should have the opportunity to cross a hot air balloon ride off their bucket list. We know you’ll have a fantastic experience as well.

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