Most Exclusive Experience In Washington State

Private Hot Air Balloon Festival: The Most Exclusive Experience In Washington State

Discover a rare and extraordinary adventure at the Kongregation, an exclusive and secret multi-day hot air balloon festival in Ferndale, Washington (Just 1.5 hours from Downtown Seattle!). This year’s secret balloon festival occurs during the Whatcom Old Settlers Festival and Picnic weekend. Over two dozen hot air balloons will paint the sky with a vibrant tapestry of hues.

Washington State Balloon Festival
Washington State Balloon Festival

Private Hot Air Balloon Festival

This is not just any hot air balloon festival. It’s a gathering of passionate hot air balloon pilots and enthusiasts from across the Northwest. Kongregation is not an official festival and isn’t promoted, as it’s more of a private event where hot air balloonists come to fly and hang out with each other. Balloon pilots pay for their transportation, hotel, and fuel to attend and are not compensated by the city or any sponsors. 

Luxury hot air balloon festival ride
Festival Balloon Ride

That means there are minimal spots to fly, and it is very exclusive. If you do secure a spot, you’ll join firsthand in celebrating the soaring spirit and a chance to hang with the elite community of Aeronauts. There are only a dozen active hot air balloon pilots in Washington State, and the majority of pilots have small balloons that carry 1-2 passengers, which is why they only take their friends and family up. It’s like meeting a friend that asks you to join as a crew on their racing yacht (Basically, it’s rare.)

Ferndale Balloon Festival Schedule:

Kick off the weekend on Friday, July 28th, with a hot air balloon glow where 5-10 balloons will ignite Pioneer Park at sunset, creating a warm, flickering light show that resembles a celestial fire dance. For more information about the Balloon Glow, visit the Whatcom County Old Settlers Association.

Rise and shine on Saturday, July 29th, for a sunrise launch that will leave you in awe as the balloons gracefully ascend into the sky in a synchronized performance. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or just a lover of breathtaking sights, this is a moment not to be missed. Launch sites are not shared with the general public as the launch sites are private property and change based on the winds.

Seattle Balloon festival
Seattle Balloon Festival

Get A Rare Ticket To Fly In The Private Ferndale Balloon Festival

Take your experience to new heights by securing a hot air balloon ride during the private weekend event. Seattle Ballooning, the largest balloon company in the Northwest, is bringing multiple commercial hot air balloons and offering a very limited number of spots for guests to join in on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Tickets are $575 per person. Call or Text Us for availability for this exclusive experience 206-747-5802

The Ultimate Hot Air Balloon Bucketlist Check Off

For those who have yet to cross hot air ballooning off their bucket list, the Kongregation is the perfect opportunity. The sensation of soaring in a hot air balloon is simply surreal. In Ferndale, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind view from altitude, with breathtaking panoramic views of Mt. Baker and the San Juan Islands. Float over serene lakes and, if the winds permits, even glide above the Nooksack River. With the balloons reaching heights of 5000 feet, the experience is nothing short of magnificent. Don’t miss this chance to be part of the magic.

Private hot air balloon ride
Private Hot Air Balloon Ride

Are There Other Balloon Festivals Near Seattle?

There are only three balloon festivals in Washington State. This balloon festival in Ferndale is the closest to Seattle. On Mother’s Day Weekend, there is a balloon festival in Walla Walla, Washington (4.5 hours drive or a 45 min $99 flight on Alaska) called The Balloon Stampede, with 25+ balloons flying over the vineyards. The last festival is The Prosser Balloon Festival which takes place in Prosser, Washington, in late September. (3 hours from Seattle).

Where Will The Balloons Launch In Ferndale?

The launch locations of the balloons are private. If you want to see the balloons fly, look up 15 minutes after sunrise or within an hour and a half of sunset. You can then try to chase them down! The pilots and crew always love strong folks that like to help pack up the balloons.

Where Is Balloon Glow In Fernadale?

The balloon glow is weather permitting and takes place Friday evening, July 28th, 2023, at sunset at Pioneer Park. For more information on the balloon glow, visit:

The hot air balloons do not take off and fly during balloon glows, and they are secured to the chase vehicle. The cool part about balloon glows is that it allows kids and adults to see the balloons up close and ask the balloon pilots lots of questions. It’s also an excellent opportunity if you are a photographer!

Are Hot Air Balloon Rides Good For Kids?

Yes! Kids love hot air balloons and going on flights. Seattle Ballooning requires kids to be four years or older. 

How Much Do Balloon Rides Cost?

Assuming you can get a ticket, as they are very limited, the cost is $575 a flight.

Call or Text Us At 206-747-5802 to check availability and reserve.

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