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Here is your Seattle Walking Tour Guide! Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing voyage through the heart of the Emerald City as you discover the dazzling gems that make Seattle a world-class destination. This enchanting walking tour will lead you on a breathtaking adventure through a trove of cultural, historical, and natural treasures, from the soaring heights of the iconic Space Needle to the bustling energy of Pike Place Market.

As you traverse the picturesque streets of Seattle, you’ll be captivated by the city’s vibrant blend of architectural wonders, lush parks, and thriving urban enclaves. Uncover the secrets of the Seattle Central Library’s bold design, immerse yourself in the creative spirit of Capitol Hill, and marvel at the serene beauty of Gas Works Park.

With every step, you’ll delve deeper into the rich tapestry of Seattle’s past and present, experiencing the sights, sounds, and flavors that make this city truly extraordinary. Whether you’re a seasoned Seattleite or a first-time visitor, this tantalizing walking tour will leave you with a profound appreciation for the magic and allure of the Emerald City.

So lace up your walking shoes, rent that scooter, or grab an Uber, and let us guide you on a captivating journey through Seattle’s most iconic landmarks, hidden gems, and unforgettable experiences.

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Day 1
A Self-Guided Tour of The Seattle Center: A Cultural Epicenter of the Emerald City

Arrive at The Seattle Center

Begin your adventure at the iconic Space Needle, a soaring symbol of the city's ambitions and dreams. Ascend to the observation deck, and marvel at the breathtaking panoramas of Seattle's skyline, Puget Sound, and the surrounding mountains.

Chihuly Garden and Glass: A Kaleidoscope of Colors

Venture into the mesmerizing world of Chihuly Garden and Glass, where the genius of Dale Chihuly comes to life in a dazzling display of vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and extraordinary forms.

Pacific Science Center: A Gateway to Discovery

Immerse yourself in the realm of curiosity and wonder at the Pacific Science Center, a fascinating journey through the marvels of science, nature, and technology. Experience hands-on exhibits, interactive displays, and immersive experiences that captivate the mind and spark the imagination.

Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP): A Tribute to Creative Pioneers

Delve into the creative universe of the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP), where the heroes of music, film, and popular culture are celebrated through a stunning array of artifacts, interactive exhibits, and immersive experiences.

The International Fountain: A Soothing Oasis

Pause for a moment of tranquility at the International Fountain, a mesmerizing display of water, light, and sound that provides a soothing respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Seattle Center Armory: A Culinary Adventure

Savor the diverse flavors of the Emerald City at the Seattle Center Armory, a vibrant food court featuring a tantalizing array of eateries and culinary delights from around the world.

The Mural Amphitheater: A Stage for Art and Expression

Conclude your journey at the Mural Amphitheater, an open-air venue that showcases the creative spirit of the city through a captivating array of performances, concerts, and artistic expressions.

Total estimated tour time: 2 hours

Day 1
A Self-Guided Tour of the Iconic Space Needle: Unveiling Its Hidden Gems

Arrive at the Space Needle

Marvel at the awe-inspiring silhouette of the Space Needle, a symbol of Seattle's boundless ambition and creativity. From its conception for the 1962 World's Fair to its current status as a beacon of modernity, the Space Needle has always been a symbol of a city that dares to dream.

The Base of the Space Needle

As you approach the Space Needle's base, take a moment to admire the architectural prowess that anchors this towering marvel. Let the sleek, tripod design evoke a sense of futuristic elegance, as you prepare to ascend to the heavens.

The Elevator Ride

Step into the opulent glass elevator and feel your heart race with anticipation as you soar skyward at an astonishing 10 miles per hour. Bask in the breathtaking views as the cityscape unfolds before your very eyes, a testament to mankind's indomitable spirit.

The Observation Deck

Disembark from your celestial chariot and step onto the Observation Deck, where a panoramic vista of unparalleled beauty awaits. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Seattle skyline, the tranquil waters of Puget Sound, and the snow-capped peaks of the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges.

The Loupe

Dare to defy gravity as you tread upon the Loupe, the world's first revolving glass floor. Suspended 500 feet above the city, feel the thrill of the void beneath your feet as you glide through the air, all the while marveling at the mesmerizing dance of the city streets below.

SkyCity: A Culinary Extravaganza

Ascend to the pinnacle of indulgence at SkyCity, the Space Needle's revolving restaurant. Savor the exquisite flavors of gourmet cuisine as you dine among the clouds, accompanied by a symphony of breathtaking views that unfold with each graceful rotation.

The Legacy Light

As you bid farewell to the Space Needle, cast your gaze skyward one final time to witness the majesty of the Legacy Light. This powerful beam of light, a tribute to the citizens of Seattle, pierces the night sky and serves as a reminder that the Space Needle will forever shine as a beacon of hope and progress.

Total estimated tour time: 1.5 hour

Day 1
A Self-Guided Tour of the Enchanting Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum: A Voyage Through a World of Color and Light
796835-4 (1)

Arrive at Chihuly Garden and Glass

Stand at the entrance of this mesmerizing sanctuary, and let your senses be captivated by the vibrant hues and intricate patterns that await you within the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum.

Glasshouse: A Soaring Symphony of Color

Step into the resplendent Glasshouse, where a majestic, 100-foot-long glass sculpture, suspended gracefully from the ceiling, greets you with an explosion of color. Marvel at the interplay of light and glass as the sun casts a dazzling array of hues upon the floor, enveloping you in a world of pure enchantment.

Galleries: A Journey Through Chihuly's Imagination

Delve into the depths of Dale Chihuly's creative genius as you explore the museum's eight galleries, each showcasing a unique aspect of his artistic journey. From the ethereal beauty of the Seaforms to the towering majesty of the Mille Fiori, immerse yourself in a wonderland of glass art that transcends the boundaries of imagination.

The Theater: A Cinematic Experience

Take a moment to rest your senses as you indulge in the captivating cinematic experience of the museum's theater. Discover the fascinating process behind Chihuly's creations and gain a deeper appreciation for the artist's unparalleled mastery of his craft.

The Glasshouse Garden: A Symphony of Glass and Nature

Step into the enchanting Glasshouse Garden, where the brilliance of Chihuly's glass artistry is harmoniously intertwined with the lush splendor of nature. Meander through the verdant pathways and marvel at the whimsical glass sculptures that emerge from the foliage, echoing the vibrant colors and organic shapes of the surrounding flora.

The Bookstore: A Treasure Trove of Artistic Inspiration

Conclude your journey through the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum with a visit to the bookstore, a treasure trove of artistic inspiration. Peruse the delightful selection of books, prints, and gifts that celebrate the remarkable world of Dale Chihuly, and perhaps take home a memento to commemorate your unforgettable voyage.

Total estimated tour time: 1.5 hours

Day 1
A Self-Guided Tour of MoPOP: The Museum of Pop Culture – A Journey Through the Icons of Art and Entertainment
tornado-guitars-other-instruments-mopop-seattle-tornado-guitars-other-instruments-museum-pop-culture-125566290 (1)

Arrive at MoPOP

Stand at the entrance of this cutting-edge museum, where the spirit of innovation and artistic expression beckon you to explore the stunning galleries and exhibits that await within.

Sky Church: A Cathedral of Sound and Vision

Begin your adventure in the Sky Church, a breathtaking space featuring a massive LED screen and state-of-the-art sound system, where you'll be immersed in a sensory experience of light and sound.

Sound Lab: A Hands-On Exploration of Music

Venture into the interactive Sound Lab, where you'll have the chance to play various instruments, mix your own tracks, and unleash your inner rock star in a fully equipped recording studio.

Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses

Immerse yourself in the groundbreaking world of Nirvana, one of the most influential bands in music history. Discover the band's journey from humble beginnings to global superstardom through an array of artifacts, photographs, and personal stories.

Scared to Death: The Thrill of Horror Film

Step into the spine-chilling realm of horror film in the Scared to Death exhibit, where you'll encounter the eerie, the macabre, and the downright terrifying in a celebration of the genre's most iconic moments and unforgettable characters.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame

Explore the visionary worlds of science fiction and fantasy in the Hall of Fame, where you'll encounter a pantheon of the genre's most beloved and influential creators, characters, and stories.

Pearl Jam: Home and Away

Delve into the storied career of Seattle's own Pearl Jam in the Home and Away exhibit, featuring an extensive collection of memorabilia, instruments, and personal items that offer a glimpse into the lives of the legendary rockers.

Indie Game Revolution: A Celebration of Gaming Innovation

Conclude your journey in the Indie Game Revolution exhibit, where you'll discover the creative genius of independent game developers and have the opportunity to play a diverse selection of innovative and immersive games.

Total estimated tour time: 1.5 hours

Day 1
A Self-Guided Tour of the Pacific Science Center: Igniting Curiosity Through Science and Exploration
WA-01-033-0080-09_004 (1)

Arrive at the Pacific Science Center

Stand at the entrance of this temple of knowledge and exploration, where the marvels of science, technology, and nature beckon you to delve into the fascinating exhibits that await within.

Tropical Butterfly House: A Flight of Fancy

Begin your adventure in the enchanting Tropical Butterfly House, where hundreds of vibrantly colored butterflies flutter gracefully through a lush, verdant oasis. Witness the captivating lifecycle of these delicate winged creatures and learn about their vital role in our ecosystem.

Dinosaur Exhibit: A Journey Through Prehistoric Times

Venture into the ancient world of dinosaurs, where life-sized replicas and authentic fossils transport you back millions of years to a time when these majestic creatures ruled the Earth. Unearth the secrets of these long-extinct giants through interactive displays and hands-on activities.

Planetarium: A Voyage Through the Cosmos

Immerse yourself in the boundless wonders of the universe in the state-of-the-art planetarium. Gaze upon the stars, planets, and celestial phenomena as you embark on a captivating journey through the cosmos guided by expert astronomers.

Body Works: A Fascinating Exploration of Human Anatomy

Delve into the intricate world of the human body in the Body Works exhibit. Discover the marvels of our biological systems through interactive displays, engaging demonstrations, and thought-provoking activities that reveal the inner workings of our most complex machine.

Insect Village: A Tiny World of Wonders

Explore the intriguing realm of insects in the Insect Village, where you'll encounter the diverse and fascinating world of these tiny, yet essential, creatures. Learn about their unique adaptations, complex social structures, and vital role in our environment.

Science Playground: A Hands-On Experience

Conclude your journey in the Science Playground, an interactive space designed to inspire curiosity and ignite creativity. Experiment with water, light, and sound, and engage in a variety of hands-on activities that bring the principles of science to life.

Total estimated tour time: 2 hours

Day 1
A Self-Guided Tour of the Olympic Sculpture Park: A Harmonious Union of Art and Nature

Arrive at the Olympic Sculpture Park

Stand at the entrance of this serene sanctuary, where the bustling city gives way to the serene embrace of art and nature, and let your spirit be uplifted by the promise of a resplendent experience.

The PACCAR Pavilion: A Gateway to Art

Begin your adventure at the PACCAR Pavilion, where the park's magnificent collection of contemporary sculptures is introduced. Admire the striking architecture and enjoy sweeping views of the surrounding landscapes as you prepare to delve deeper into the park's treasures.

The Valley: A Journey Through Time

Descend into the verdant Valley, where the undulating landscape takes you on a journey through time. As you meander through the lush foliage, marvel at the monumental sculptures that punctuate the landscape, each telling a unique story and inviting you to explore the depths of human creativity.

The Grove: A Sanctuary of Solitude

Escape to the Grove, a secluded sanctuary that offers a tranquil respite from the bustle of city life. Amidst the dappled shade of the towering trees, discover the delicate interplay of light, shadow, and art that creates an atmosphere of serene contemplation.

The Shore: A Celebration of Water and Life

Venture to the Shore, where the park meets the sparkling waters of Elliott Bay. Delight in the sight of sculptures gracefully emerging from the water's edge, as you bask in the soothing sounds of the waves and the gentle rustle of the leaves.

The Meadow: A Panorama of Splendor

Ascend to the rolling hills of the Meadow, where the park's grandest sculptures stand proudly against a backdrop of the majestic Olympic Mountains and the shimmering waters of Puget Sound. Revel in the breathtaking panorama, as you immerse yourself in the beauty of art and nature in perfect harmony.

The Overlook: A Bird's Eye View

Conclude your journey at the Overlook, where you are treated to a bird's eye view of the park's resplendent landscapes and the enchanting city of Seattle. Reflect upon the captivating fusion of art and nature that you have just experienced.

Total estimated tour time: 1.5 hours

Day 1
A Self-Guided Tour of Pike Place Market: A Cornucopia of Delights and Sensory Splendors
Fish (1)

Arrive at Pike Place Market

Stand at the entrance of this iconic market, where the enticing aromas of fresh produce and artisanal creations beckon you to enter and discover the myriad wonders that await within.

The Main Arcade: A Kaleidoscope of Colors and Flavors

Begin your exploration at the Main Arcade, the vibrant epicenter of Pike Place Market. Stroll along the bustling stalls, marveling at the array of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers, as the colors and scents envelop you in a sensory symphony.

The Fish Market: A Spectacle of Tradition

Venture into the world-famous Fish Market, where the air comes alive with the cries of fishmongers and the whizzing of airborne fish. Revel in the spirited tradition of fish tossing and admire the spectacular array of fresh seafood on display.

The Original Starbucks: A Taste of History

Satisfy your caffeine cravings with a visit to the original Starbucks, the birthplace of a global coffee empire. Savor a delicious beverage and soak in the unique atmosphere of this historic location, where it all began.

The Sanitary Public Market: A Culinary Wonderland

Indulge in a gastronomic adventure as you explore the Sanitary Public Market, a culinary wonderland brimming with artisanal cheeses, cured meats, and a plethora of international delicacies. Treat your taste buds to a smorgasbord of flavors, handpicked from the finest local producers.

The Market Theater Gum Wall: A Whimsical Attraction

Embrace the quirky charm of Pike Place Market with a visit to the Market Theater Gum Wall, a peculiar yet captivating attraction. Marvel at the colorful mosaic of chewed gum that adorns the alleyway, a testament to the market's unique character and eccentric appeal.

The Crafts Market: A Showcase of Local Talent

Conclude your journey with a foray into the Crafts Market, where a treasure trove of handmade goods and unique souvenirs await. Support local artisans and take home a piece of Seattle's vibrant creative spirit to commemorate your unforgettable adventure.

Total estimated tour time: 1.5 hours

Day 1
A Self-Guided Tour of the Seattle Waterfront: An Idyllic Escape to the City's Majestic Shores

Arrive at the Seattle Waterfront

Stand at the edge of the city, where the bustling metropolis gives way to the tranquil embrace of the ocean, and let your spirit be invigorated by the promise of a rejuvenating experience.

The Seattle Great Wheel: A Soaring Panorama

Begin your adventure with a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel, a towering testament to human ingenuity. As you soar above the shimmering waters of Elliott Bay, drink in the breathtaking panorama of the city skyline, the majestic Olympic Mountains, and the expansive Puget Sound.

The Seattle Aquarium: A Portal to the Ocean's Depths

Delve into the mysterious world beneath the waves with a visit to the Seattle Aquarium. Immerse yourself in the vibrant marine life, from playful sea otters to ethereal jellyfish, and marvel at the intricate dance of colors and forms that unfolds before your very eyes.

The Waterfront Park: A Symphony of Nature and Art

Stroll through the idyllic Waterfront Park, where lush greenery and captivating public art installations meld harmoniously with the soothing sounds of the ocean. Take a moment to sit and reflect, as you bask in the tranquility of this seaside haven.

The Edgewater Hotel: A Taste of Seaside Luxury

Indulge in the opulence of the iconic Edgewater Hotel, a luxurious retreat perched on the shores of Elliott Bay. Savor a sumptuous meal or sip a fine cocktail at the hotel's restaurant, all the while soaking in the mesmerizing views of the ocean and the city beyond.

The Olympic Sculpture Park: A Union of Art and Nature

Continue your journey along the waterfront with a visit to the Olympic Sculpture Park, an enchanting oasis where contemporary art and lush landscapes merge in perfect harmony. Discover the park's impressive collection of sculptures and marvel at their seamless integration into the natural surroundings.

The Alaskan Way Viaduct: A Historic Tribute

Conclude your tour with a moment of reflection at the site of the former Alaskan Way Viaduct. Once a vital artery of the city, the viaduct's legacy lives on through the continued development of the waterfront, a testament to Seattle's spirit of innovation and progress.

Total estimated tour time: 1.5 hours

Day 1
A Self-Guided Tour of the Seattle Aquarium: Dive into the Depths of the Underwater World

Arrive at the Seattle Aquarium

Stand at the entrance of this aquatic wonderland, where the mysteries and marvels of the deep blue sea beckon you to explore the captivating exhibits that lie within.

Window on Washington Waters: A Vibrant Marine Ecosystem

Begin your adventure at the Window on Washington Waters, a stunning 120,000-gallon exhibit showcasing the colorful and diverse marine life found in the Pacific Northwest. Marvel at the hypnotic dance of fish and invertebrates as they glide gracefully through the water.

Life on the Edge: Exploring the Rocky Shores

Venture into the Life on the Edge exhibit, where you can experience the dynamic world of the rocky shores. Gently touch sea stars, anemones, and sea cucumbers while learning about the delicate balance that exists in these coastal ecosystems.

Pacific Coral Reef: A Kaleidoscope of Color

Immerse yourself in the dazzling world of the Pacific Coral Reef exhibit, where the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of the tropical fish and coral formations create a breathtaking underwater tapestry.

Marine Mammal Exhibits: Seals, Sea Otters, and More

Delight in the playful antics of the aquarium's marine mammals, including harbor seals, fur seals, and sea otters. Witness their intelligence and agility during daily feedings and informative presentations.

Ocean Oddities: A Journey into the Unusual

Explore the fascinating realm of ocean oddities, where you'll encounter the bizarre, the mysterious, and the downright peculiar creatures that inhabit the depths of the sea. Marvel at the unique adaptations that enable these animals to thrive in their underwater environments.

The Underwater Dome: A Panoramic Glimpse of the Deep

Conclude your journey in the mesmerizing Underwater Dome, a spectacular 360-degree view into a massive 400,000-gallon exhibit teeming with marine life. Feel a sense of wonder and awe as you gaze upon the diverse species that call the ocean home.

Total estimated tour time: 1.5 hours

Day 1
A Self-Guided Tour of the Seattle Central Library: A Masterpiece of Architectural Ingenuity

Arrive at the Seattle Central Library

Stand at the entrance of this awe-inspiring edifice, where the boundaries of conventional architecture dissolve into a realm of glass and steel, and let your spirit be invigorated by the promise of a thrilling experience.

The Living Room: A Gateway to Knowledge

Begin your adventure in the Living Room, a vibrant and inviting space designed to welcome visitors into the world of literature. Marvel at the soaring ceilings and the play of light and shadow that create an atmosphere of wonder and anticipation.

The Books Spiral: A Literary Labyrinth

Ascend into the Books Spiral, an ingenious solution to the ever-evolving nature of library collections. Wander through the continuous ramp of books that stretches across four floors, and delight in the effortless access to a wealth of knowledge.

The Red Hall: A Vivid Respite

Step into the Red Hall, a striking contrast to the muted tones of the library's other spaces. Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues and bold textures that envelop you, as you pause for a moment of reflection and recharge.

The Mixing Chamber: An Informational Nexus

Venture into the Mixing Chamber, the library's beating heart and a hub of technological prowess. Behold the awe-inspiring array of computers and digital resources, and witness the seamless marriage of traditional and modern forms of information access.

The Betty Jane Narver Reading Room: A Sanctuary of Serenity

Escape to the Betty Jane Narver Reading Room, a tranquil oasis perched high above the city. With floor-to-ceiling windows offering sweeping views of Seattle, indulge in the peaceful atmosphere and the boundless possibilities of the written word.

The Level 4 Meeting Rooms: A Canvas of Creativity

Conclude your journey by exploring the Level 4 Meeting Rooms, where the walls themselves become a canvas for artistic expression. Admire the unique glass art installations that adorn the space, reflecting the library's commitment to fostering creativity and imagination.

Total estimated tour time: 1 hour

Day 1
A Self-Guided Tour of Capitol Hill: The Bohemian Heart of Seattle
Cap hill

Arrive at Capitol Hill

Stand at the edge of this vibrant neighborhood, where the hum of creative energy and the allure of cultural discovery beckon you to explore and uncover the myriad wonders that await within.

Broadway: A Promenade of Eclectic Delights

Begin your adventure on the bustling thoroughfare of Broadway, the pulsating artery of Capitol Hill. Stroll past colorful murals, quirky boutiques, and enticing eateries, as the sights, sounds, and flavors of the neighborhood envelop you in a sensory feast.

Volunteer Park: A Sanctuary of Art and Nature

Venture into the verdant embrace of Volunteer Park, a tranquil oasis in the heart of Capitol Hill. Discover the park's lush landscapes, the historic water tower, and the Seattle Asian Art Museum, a gem of artistic and cultural heritage.

The Pike/Pine Corridor: A Hub of Nightlife and Gastronomy

Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere of the Pike/Pine Corridor, where the night comes alive with the glow of neon signs and the rhythmic beats of music. Savor the culinary creations of renowned chefs and dance the night away in the neighborhood's lively bars and clubs.

The Jimi Hendrix Statue: A Tribute to a Legend

Pay homage to Seattle's iconic musical prodigy, Jimi Hendrix, at the striking bronze statue that captures his dynamic stage presence. Reflect on the enduring impact of his music and the legacy he left behind.

Elliott Bay Book Company: A Literary Haven

Escape into the enchanting world of the Elliott Bay Book Company, a beloved Capitol Hill institution. Peruse the store's vast collection of titles and lose yourself in the comforting embrace of a good book.

The Chophouse Row: A Fusion of History and Innovation

Conclude your journey at the Chophouse Row, a beautifully restored historic building that now houses a vibrant mix of artisan shops, gourmet eateries, and cutting-edge design studios. Celebrate the neighborhood's unique ability to blend the old and the new in perfect harmony.

Total estimated tour time: 1.5 hours

Day 1
A Self-Guided Tour of Gas Works Park: Where Industrial Heritage Meets Natural Beauty
gas works

Arrive at Gas Works Park

Stand at the entrance of this remarkable park, where the remnants of Seattle's industrial history merge with the verdant embrace of nature, and let your spirit be invigorated by the promise of a captivating experience.

The Gasification Plant: A Testament to Industrial Ingenuity

Begin your adventure by exploring the preserved remnants of the gasification plant, a testament to the ingenuity and determination of a bygone era. Marvel at the towering structures that once powered the city, and reflect on the passage of time and the transformation of industry.

The Great Mound: A Panoramic Vista

Ascend the Great Mound, an earthen hill constructed from the rubble of the gas plant's demolition, and drink in the sweeping views of the city skyline, the serene waters of Lake Union, and the majestic beauty of the surrounding landscape.

The Play Area: A Fusion of Fun and History

Delight in the innovative play area, where elements of the park's industrial heritage are repurposed to spark the imaginations of children and adults alike. Enjoy the whimsical structures and watch as the past and present collide in a symphony of laughter and discovery.

The Waterfront Promenade: A Tranquil Respite

Stroll along the waterfront promenade, where the soothing sounds of Lake Union's gentle waves create a serene soundtrack to your journey. Bask in the idyllic setting and the calming influence of the water's edge.

The Picnic and Event Spaces: A Celebration of Community

Venture into the park's picnic and event spaces, where the spirit of community and togetherness is celebrated in the shadow of the industrial relics. Immerse yourself in the joy of shared experiences and the enduring connections that bind us together.

The Sundial: A Tribute to Time and Space

Conclude your journey at the park's iconic sundial, a fascinating intersection of art, science, and history. Contemplate the passage of time and the unending dance of the celestial bodies as you gaze upon this captivating monument.

Total estimated tour time: 1 hour

Day 1
A Self-Guided Tour of the Museum of Flight: Soaring Through the History of Aviation and Space Exploration

Arrive at the Museum of Flight

Stand at the entrance of this aeronautical wonderland, where the spirit of innovation and human achievement beckon you to explore the exhilarating exhibits and aircraft that await within.

Great Gallery: A Soaring Display of Aviation History

Begin your adventure in the Great Gallery, a six-story glass atrium that houses a stunning collection of over 40 aircraft spanning the history of flight. Marvel at the Wright Flyer replica, World War I and II fighters, and the sleek lines of modern jet aircraft.

Red Barn: The Birthplace of Boeing

Venture into the historic Red Barn, the original Boeing airplane factory, where the story of the Boeing Company and its founder, William E. Boeing, comes to life through engaging exhibits and fascinating artifacts.

Space Gallery: Exploring the Final Frontier

Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of space exploration in the Space Gallery. Gaze upon the awe-inspiring Space Shuttle Trainer, learn about the Apollo missions, and discover the pioneering achievements of NASA and other space-faring organizations.

World War I and World War II Aircraft Exhibits

Delve into the dramatic history of air combat during World War I and World War II. Admire the iconic aircraft, such as the P-51 Mustang and the B-17 Flying Fortress, while learning about the courageous pilots who soared into battle.

Aviation Pavilion: A Collection of Legendary Aircraft

Explore the vast Aviation Pavilion, an outdoor gallery showcasing a diverse collection of aircraft that includes the legendary Concorde, the first Boeing 747, and the supersonic B-58 Hustler.

Personal Courage Wing: A Tribute to the Heroes of the Sky

Conclude your journey in the Personal Courage Wing, where you'll encounter the inspiring stories of bravery, heroism, and determination of the men and women who have served in the armed forces and shaped the course of aviation history.

Total estimated tour time: 2 hours

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