Celestial Voyage of the Southwest Ultimate Southwest Tour With Daily Hot Air Balloon Trips And Excursions

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Multiday hot air balloon tours

A Southwest Hot Air Ballooning Tour And Adventure

Enjoy one of life’s most beautiful experiences, floating by hot air balloon across some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Embark on an extraordinary odyssey with the “Celestial Voyage of the Southwest,” a unique Southwest adventure tour curated for the discerning traveller. This journey, exclusively crafted for private groups of 4-8 guests or as part of an intimate group of eight, offers an unparalleled experience steeped in luxury, adventure, music, history, and culture. The views are extraordinary, the pilots and guides are enthusiastic and passionate, and the adventure is grand.

Sky, Sounds, and Spirits: The Grand Confluence

The core of this unique Southwest Tour is the amalgamation of three captivating elements: the transcendence of hot air ballooning, the indulgence of gourmet cuisine with perfectly paired premium wines and spirits, and the culture and history of the Southwestern US.

A Daily Balloon Expedition

Each day, as the sun awakens or surrenders to twilight, ascend into the resplendent Southwest sky in our state-of-the-art hot air balloon. Immerse yourself in a 60 to 90-minute flight, as the landscapes of Lake Las Vegas, Mesquite, St. George, and Kanab unfurl beneath you in breathtaking array, a sight only the birds and stars usually witness. Our hot air balloons offer each guest 360 degree panoramic views. You’ll fly next to National Parks, over stunning rock formations, and go where only a select group of people have ventured.

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The Private Chef’s Table: A Gastronomic Expedition

Supplementing these sensory delights is a gastronomic journey of its own. A private chef will curate delectable meals, embracing the rich culinary heritage of the region. This celebration of flavors, paired with an exquisite selection of wines and spirits, elevates each dining experience into a unique feast for the senses.

Immersive Activities: Unearthing the Secrets of the Southwest

We skip the popular tourist attractions and instead focus on unique and special activities. When not caught up in the serenity of flight or the indulgence of fine dining, partake in an array of activities designed to connect you with the beauty of the Southwest. Whether it's a short hike to a beautiful vista, practicing yoga amid nature, capturing wildlife through your lens, delving into the history of the Native Americans, or immersing in serene bird-watching, there's always an opportunity for discovery.

The Celestial Voyage of the Southwest transcends the typical Southwest tour experience. It is a transformative journey, combining exploration, luxury, and unbridled beauty in one complete, all-inclusive package. Answer the call of the extraordinary, and step aboard the world's only adventure of its kind – the Celestial Voyage of the Southwest.

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December 27 -
31, 2023
(5 Days 4 Nights - USD $15,400)
Small Group Tour / Private Available
January 1 -
5, 2024
(5 Days 4 Nights - USD $15,400)
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February 19 -
23, 2023
(5 Days 4 Nights - USD $15,400)
Almost Sold Out / Private Experience Available

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Day 1
The Adventure Begins

Our journey begins in the heart of vibrant Las Vegas. Here, a chauffeur is ready to transport you from the city's energetic pulse to the tranquil retreat of Lake Las Vegas, marking the beginning of your unparalleled adventure.

As day yields to dusk, the first of your culinary experiences unfolds. Our private chef uses the freshest local ingredients to create a delicious feast, offering a tantalizing preview of the gourmet delights to come.

Nestled amidst this sensory delight, you'll retire for the night in wonderful hotel accommodations, anticipating the unique experiences and breathtaking landscapes that await in the days to come

Day 2
Soaring Above Lake Las Vegas
Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 3.41.24 PM

Your Celestial Voyage of the Southwest begins with the ethereal blush of dawn. As the first light brushes the sky, you'll embark on your maiden flight aboard our majestic hot air balloon. From this aerial perspective, the serene beauty of Lake Las Vegas unveils itself, an oasis cradled by the arid desert and rolling hills. All hot air balloon tours are filled with amazing views, but here in Lake Las Vegas you can expect breathtaking views.

Post-flight, a delectable breakfast prepared by our private chef awaits, an indulgent treat to start your day. After savoring the morning's adventure and cuisine, a driver escorts you to the charm-filled Southwest town of Mesquite, Nevada. Mesquite is filled with geological marvels and stunning rock formations.

Here, your culinary journey continues with a light, refreshing lunch followed by an exquisite dinner come evening, both crafted by our private chef to satisfy your epicurean yearnings. Between these feasts, the day is yours to relish Mesquite's offerings: be it a round of golf, rejuvenating spa treatments, or perhaps testing your fortune at the vibrant local casino.

Day 3
The Enchantment of Mesquite

Your Celestial Voyage dawns with another exquisite breakfast, thoughtfully prepared by our private chef to invigorate you for the day ahead. Post-breakfast, the day's grand adventure commences as you ascend into the skies once more. The hot air balloon carries you over Mesquite's captivating hills, offering a vantage point that few have the privilege to experience. Revel in the tranquil beauty of the landscape below as you glide serenely through the azure skies.

Following your descent from the heavens, a drive through picturesque landscapes takes you to St. George, Utah. Here, another culinary treat awaits in the form of a mouth-watering lunch, artfully prepared by our private chef to satiate your appetite.

As the day yields to twilight, your senses will be treated to an expertly crafted dinner. Each bite is a testament to your chef's prowess and passion, a gastronomic experience to be savored.

Day 4
The Majesty of St. George
Hot air ballooning St. George

Your Celestial Voyage welcomes you with another delightful breakfast, meticulously prepared by our private chef. After this morning indulgence, you'll ascend again in our hot air balloon, ready to survey the picturesque topography of St. George from a heavenly viewpoint. As you glide over the stunning landscapes, time seems to hold its breath, gifting you moments of pure serenity.

Your aerial adventure concludes with a gentle descent and a scenic drive to the charming town of Kanab, Utah. In this heartwarming setting, your private chef awaits with a delectable lunch, crafted with love and expertise. The culinary journey continues as evening falls, with a dinner that showcases the rich bounty of the region, a gastronomic celebration under the Utah skies.

Day 5
The Grand Finale in Kanab
Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 3.32.47 PM

No Southwest tour is complete without a view of Knab Utah from altitude. The final day of your Celestial Voyage stirs with the promise of one last enchanting flight. As always, your day begins with a scrumptious breakfast prepared by our private chef, after which you ascend to the skies for the final time. From the elevated vantage point of the hot air balloon, the rugged beauty of Kanab, Utah unfurls beneath you, a breathtaking spectacle as the morning light illuminates the landscape.

After your descent, savor a satisfying farewell lunch, lovingly crafted by our private chef. The harmonious fusion of flavors is a fitting end to your culinary journey, one last testament to the chef's masterful skill and creativity.

Post-lunch, a chauffeur will transport you back to Las Vegas. As you embark on this return journey, the ethereal strains of Tye Austin's guitar will serenade you once more, providing a melodic epilogue to your unforgettable adventure.

Your Celestial Voyage of the Southwest may conclude here, but the memories you've created, the landscapes you've witnessed, and the tastes you've savored, a harmonious symphony of experiences, forever etched in your hearts.

Reserve Your Spot

December 27 -
31, 2023
(5 Days 4 Nights - USD $15,400)
Small Group Tour / Private Available
January 1 -
5, 2024
(5 Days 4 Nights - USD $15,400)
Almost Sold Out / Private Experience Available
February 19 -
23, 2023
(5 Days 4 Nights - USD $15,400)
Almost Sold Out / Private Experience Available

To inquire or book please call or text 206-747-5802

We select high-end hotels and private homes for guests.  Although there isn’t a Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton near the national parks of the Southwest, you can rest assured that our accommodations wonderful and in a great geological location for ballooning.

In addition to the daily scheduled activities and hot air balloon flights, our Southwest Tour provides the opportunity to partake in optional excursions, adding a unique dimension to your adventure. These carefully selected experiences are designed to deepen your engagement with the region and cater to a variety of interests.

For the physically inclined, consider a guided hike to local hidden gems, such as the Slot Canyons near Kanab or the Virgin River Walk in St. George. If a peaceful day of rejuvenation is appealing, we can arrange spa treatments in luxury wellness centers. Golf enthusiasts will find top-notch courses in Mesquite, where you can test your skills against the backdrop of sweeping desert landscapes. For those intrigued by the Southwest’s rich cultural history, we offer guided tours to local museums and historical sites, or an insightful visit to a Native American community.

These optional excursions, available at a supplementary cost, can be tailored to your preferences and paced to suit your comfort. It’s all part of our commitment to ensure the Celestial Voyage of the Southwest is not just a tour, but your tour.

Skilled and Passionate Pilots

Leading this dynamic team are our FAA certified hot air balloon pilots. With years of experience, our pilots command the skies with deftness and assurance, their skills matched only by their love for the art of ballooning. Their tales from the sky, coupled with their enthusiasm, are infectious, imbuing every flight with a sense of wonder and camaraderie.

Engaging Tour Guides

Complementing our pilots’ expertise in the air are our knowledgeable tour guides on the ground. Brimming with enthusiasm and professionalism, our guides are eager to share their passion for the Southwest’s rich history, culture, and nature. Their fascinating narratives and insider knowledge will bring the landscapes to life, making each location a storybook of experiences.

Dedicated Hot Air Balloon Crew

Also part of our team are the skilled hot air balloon crew who ensure the smooth operation of each flight. Their behind-the-scenes efforts are crucial to your safety and the success of each flight, making them an indispensable part of our team.

Masterful Private Chefs

Our expert private chefs are culinary artists who craft gastronomic masterpieces each day. Their meals not only nourish but also delight, turning each meal into a sensory celebration of the region’s culinary heritage.

Informed Naturalists

Our naturalists, with their keen understanding of the region’s flora and fauna, are the bridge between our guests and the stunning landscapes we traverse. Their insights deepen our connection to the Southwest, enhancing our appreciation for its unique ecosystems.

Every member of our team contributes their unique skills and passion to make your Southwest Tour a truly remarkable and memorable journey.

The Allure and Constraints of Hot Air Ballooning Over National Parks

While the allure of a hot air balloon descent into the heart of the Southwest’s national parks may seem enticing, it’s important to understand the legal restrictions that exist for such activities.

Protecting America’s Natural Treasures: The Role of the National Park Service

The National Park Service, protector of renowned natural treasures like the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef, Yosemite National Park, and Joshua Tree, has specific regulations in place. These rules maintain the integrity of these wild landscapes and ensure the safety of their myriad inhabitants.

Why Hot Air Balloons Can’t Land in National Parks

According to these regulations, hot air balloons, like all aircraft, must maintain a minimum altitude above the ground and are not permitted to land within the park boundaries. This aligns with the National Park Service’s mission to conserve the parks “unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.” The intent is to limit human impact on these pristine environments and safeguard the diverse ecosystems and wildlife they host.

Our Commitment to Responsible Tourism

While our Southwest Tours don’t feature hot air balloon landings within the national parks themselves, the adjacent landscapes we explore offer equally awe-inspiring vistas. By respecting these regulations, we contribute to the ongoing preservation of these majestic places, ensuring they continue to enchant generations to come.


In the American Southwest, the hot air balloon has carved a unique niche in the region’s rich tapestry of history. Though the modern art of ballooning found its roots in the late 18th century with the Montgolfier brothers in France, the American Southwest has embraced this extraordinary mode of travel like no other region. The vast, open landscapes, steady weather patterns, and magnificent natural beauty make it an ideal setting for this timeless form of flight.

Hot air ballooning has a deep heritage and history in the Southwest. Ballooning started in the mid-20th century and quickly gained popularity, inspiring events like the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico, now the largest hot air balloon festival in the world. The ballooning culture in the Southwest is not limited to mass ascensions and races. It permeates the lives of the people, from Native American tales linking balloons to spiritual ascension, to the sheer joy and wonder these floating marvels bring to spectators young and old.

Our Southwest Tour, with its daily flights over diverse landscapes, is steeped in this legacy. It’s not merely a trip; it’s an entry into a vibrant chapter of Southwest history, a chapter that continues to be written each time we ascend into the cerulean desert skies.

This Southwest Tour sets itself apart by offering more than the typical tick-box of popular tourist attractions. Instead, we focus on curating unique, intimate experiences that allow you to truly connect with the spirit of the Southwest. Our daily hot air balloon flights intentionally deviate from the beaten path, floating you over awe-inspiring landscapes often overlooked by traditional travel routes. From the tranquil oasis of Lake Las Vegas to the charm-laden hills of Mesquite, and the dramatic landscapes of St. George to the rugged beauty of Kanab, our journey paints a panoramic, unspoiled portrait of the Southwest. From thousands of feet above the earth, you’ll get a view of the canyons and sacred grounds that only a select few in the world have experienced.

Our ground experiences, too, step beyond the popular, focusing on immersive activities that engage with the region’s culture and natural beauty. Whether it’s practicing archery in the desert, attending intimate live music performances, savoring private chef-prepared gourmet meals, or indulging in premium wines and spirits, we strive to create an authentic Southwest experience.

This adventure, the Celestial Voyage of the Southwest, is not a Southwest sightseeing tour; it’s a transformative journey that transcends traditional tourism. By swapping crowded attractions for exclusive experiences, we ensure a profound connection with the region’s unique essence, forging memories that resonate long after the trip concludes.

The American Southwest, with its epic landscapes and rich cultural heritage, has been a focal point for numerous types of tours catering to a diverse range of interests. There are road trips meandering through classic routes, like Route 66, where travelers soak up the vibrant history and iconic Americana. Adventure tours, including hiking, mountain biking, and river rafting expeditions, abound in the region, inviting thrill-seekers to challenge themselves amidst the Southwest’s rugged beauty.

History enthusiasts often find themselves drawn to Native American heritage tours, where they can explore ancient pueblos, ceremonial kivas, and age-old rock art. Luxury train tours, like the Grand Canyon Railway, offer a nostalgic journey through time, while photography tours provide the perfect opportunity to capture the region’s awe-inspiring vistas through the lens.

But in this myriad of experiences, our Southwest Tour stands out.

With the serene beauty of hot air ballooning at its core, this multi-day tour blends the thrill of aerial exploration with the comfort of luxury accommodations, the indulgence of fine dining prepared by private chefs, and the enchantment of live music under the starlit desert sky. By avoiding the usual tourist hotspots, our tour offers an exclusive, intimate experience, showcasing the hidden charms of the Southwest, all from the unique vantage point of a hot air balloon. It’s not just a tour; it’s a unique and extraordinary adventure that promises memories of a lifetime.