Prosser Balloon Rally 2017 with 360 degree photos and video

Prosser balloon rally hot air balloon

The 2017 Prosser Balloon Rally was fantastic. Check out this 360 degree video of our flight over the Yakima River

We flew East down the river valley on Saturday and Sunday morning, and flew West over hops fields on Saturday evening. Here are some of our favorite photos of the event!

On Saturday evening we took off from our friends property just East of the Prosser airport. My two year old son was very excited!

Hot air balloon with a two year old

On Sunday morning our two year old got to go up on his inaugural flight with his mom, dad, grandfather. Family flights are the best!

Family in a hot air balloon

Here is a 360 degree photo of our flight from Saturday morning for you to check out as well. Feel free to pan around the image. For extra credit see if you can find our hot air balloon shadow.

Balloon Flight

The Prosser Balloon Festival is about spending time with family, our balloon community, and celebrating the end of the Washington hot air balloon season. Thank you to all that were involved this weekend!

Hot Air Balloon Pilot Eliav C.
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