Schedule Of Our Hot Air Balloon Tours In Front Of Mt. Rainier

Meet at the Muckleshoot Casino

Lights, slots, action! Your high-flying adventure starts at the newly refurbished Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn. Why not start the day off right with a delicious meal at one of their top-notch restaurants? Maybe even try your luck at the tables before ascending into the heavens. Who knows, you might hit the jackpot before even leaving the ground!

Step Into Our Balloon Transport Vehicles

Our jovial hot air balloon staff will welcome you with grins as radiant as the casino’s neon lights. Standing by, we have a fleet of sleek vans, sturdy trucks, and cozy SUVs ready to whisk you away to your thrilling escapade. Our colorful hot air balloons in tow make for a sight that would even steal the show at a carnival parade!

Drive To Our Launch Location And Release A Pibal

A breezy 6-13 minute drive later, we arrive at our launch sites – hand-picked for their stunning scenic views. There, you’ll witness the intriguing pibal ritual, where we release a helium balloon to help our expert pilots gauge the local winds, ensuring a smooth and safe journey. Watching the pibal ascend and dance with the breeze is a preview of your upcoming flight – an exciting act one to your aerial adventure!

Hot air balloon crew
Hot air balloon crew – Helping inflate the balloon

Volunteer To Be Part Of The Balloon Crew

For those eager to play a part in this show, our pilots might just select you as a volunteer. Imagine being chosen at a magic show, only instead of pulling a rabbit from a hat, you’re bringing a colossal balloon to life! Holding open the mouth of the balloon as it inflates is akin to assisting a mythical beast draw its first breath. Now that’s an Instagram moment!

Private hot air balloon ride
Private hot air balloon ride

Climb Into The Basket

Then comes the grand finale of the pre-flight show – it’s time to climb aboard the gondola, our enchanting sky chariot. The gondola is outfitted with footholds for your convenience, making climbing aboard as straightforward as mounting a horse – a horse that’s about to take you soaring over the beautiful landscapes! Not sure if you can get into the basket? Check out our “requirements to go ballooning checklist!

Hot air balloon launch
Hot air balloon launch

Lift Off

Once we take off, you’re in for a mesmerizing hour of drifting leisurely in the sky. Surrounded by soft winds, panoramic vistas, and the hypnotic dance of the flame, time seems to stretch and pause, allowing you to drink in the breathtaking spectacle around you.

Champagne Toast

The adventure doesn’t end with landing. Our ground crew will be waiting to seamlessly disassemble the balloon in a ballet of efficiency. And the curtain call? A celebratory toast – champagne and chocolates for the adults, and delightful non-alcoholic beverages for our younger guests. As we clink our glasses, our pilots share the captivating tale of the first hot air balloon flight in 1783 – you’ll return to the ground with hearts full of joy and minds enriched with new knowledge.

Transportation Back

Once packed up, it’s back to the bright lights of Muckleshoot Casino. The return journey is a perfect chance to reminisce about your sky-high journey. If your stomach grumbles in reminiscence of the morning’s meal, the casino’s excellent cuisine awaits to appease your post-flight hunger.

Whole Experience 2.5- 3 Hours

From the start of your adventure to its conclusion, expect a 2.5 to 3-hour experience, a small slice of your day dedicated to exploring another world. And remember, when the hotel opens, it will offer the perfect resting place to dream about your skyward journey.

Join us for an amazing day, higher altitudes, and the highest quality fun! This isn’t just a hot air balloon ride, it’s a thrilling, all-inclusive journey! Fasten your seatbelts – your sky-high adventure is about to begin!

Hot Air Balloon Pilot Eliav C.
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Chief pilot of Seattle Ballooning. I get the opportunity to provide luxury hot air balloon rides just South of Seattle in front of Mt. Rainier. When you do what you love, it’s not considered work.

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