Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides & Night Glow – Lakewood SummerFEST

Seattle Ballooning is headed to Lakewood SummerFEST with our hot air balloons for tether flights and a night glow. Offering tethered hot air balloon rides in the morning and a hot air balloon glow in the evening it will be an event not to miss. The event is free to the public, however, spaces are limited on the tethered rides. Book your free tickets below. There are only 180 tickets available for a tethered hot air balloon ride.

Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides – SOLD OUT –

Sign up for a tethered flight in the morning, where guests will enjoy 360-degree views of SummerFEST and the surrounding area. Each flight will last approximately 3-5 minutes and guests will float up to 150 above the ground in a balloon. The tethered flights will take place from 9-11 A.M. July 23rd the morning of SummerFEST. Please reserve your place ahead of time, as there is limited space available for flights.

Hot Air Balloon Night Glow – FREE – NO TICKET NECESSARY

After a full day of SummerFEST, Seattle Ballooning will be putting on a hot air balloon night glow with 5 hot air balloons and music. Setup will begin around 8:30 pm and the balloons will stand up around 9:00 pm. This event is open to all at SummerFEST and a great event for the family and kids.

tethered hot air balloon rides and glow seattle ballooning
Seattle Ballooning Hot Air Balloon Glow

Tethered Hot Air Balloon Ride FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions about hot air ballooning tethered rides or night glows. Feel free to contact us via

Are there any age, weight, or other restrictions?

We fly people of all ages but there are a few restrictions. We can not take anyone younger than 4 years old on a there flight. In addition, due to our insurance, we cannot take passengers weighing over 250lbs.

Can I go on a tethered flight if I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant, we cannot take you on any of our hot air balloon flights. However, once you have your child, a hot air balloon ride is the perfect adventure to get away for a wonderful evening!

How long does a tethered flight last?

Your tethered flight will last approximately 2-5 minutes. You will fly up to 150-feet above the ground and have 360-degree views of the surrounding area!

How many people can fit in the tethered hot air balloon?

The hot air balloon can hold a maximum of 6 adults. If there are only kids on the balloon we can fit more but there is a maximum weight limit.

How long does the hot air balloon glow last?

The hot air balloon night glow will start right at sunset (around 9 pm) and last around an hour till 10 pm. The balloons will start setting up around 8:30 and stand upright as the sun goes down! Make sure you get your spot early and catch the magic of balloon inflation.

Want to book a hot air balloon ride with Seattle Ballooning?

Seattle Ballooning’s award-winning hot air balloon rides are the most exclusive in Seattle, Washington. We’re proud that our five-star-rated tours were awarded “Best Hot Air Balloon Ride Experience in the Northwest”.

The Seattle area is famous for its scenic views and breathtaking landscapes, but there’s no better place to get a bird’s-eye view of Mt. Rainier than going hot air ballooning. You’ll get amazing views of downtown Seattle, Tacoma, Lake Tapps, Auburn, the beautiful Cascade Mountain range, and much more!

If you want to learn more about the different types of flights we offer in Seattle head over to our experience page and check out the epic flights.

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