The Museum Of Pop: 2nd Best Tour A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Like music and adventure? Check out The Seattle Museum of Pop culture tour and then go on a hot air balloon ride with Seattle Ballooning. The two Seattle tours go together like peanut and jelly! Passengers always ask our pilots about the other fun Seattle activities and tourist attractions to check out in Seattle. MoPoP is on our list for sure. On hot air balloon rides, you get the silence of the air with the sound of birds singing at sunrise. At MoPop, you’ll get all the best music throughout modern history!

The Museum of Pop

Based in downtown Seattle, The Museum of Pop Culture, or MoPOP as it is more commonly known, was founded in 2000 by Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul G. Allen with the mission to explore and celebrate pop culture’s impact on society. Today, MoPOP is an organization that has a strong sense of purpose: to use popular art forms from across the world – music, movies, TV shows, books, comics, etc. – to engage audiences in dialogue about creativity and cultural expression. And while you’ll find plenty of exhibits inside the museum are designed for kids aged ten and under (and their parents), many exhibits will appeal much more strongly to adults!

Museum of pop

Famous Seattle Musicians

Seattle is home to many famous musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Quincy Jones, and Kurt Cobain. You can learn about the history of Seattle’s music scene at MoPOP with exhibits like “Seattle Music Stories: The Early Years (1950-1970) The Sound That Changed America” or “Jim Morrison’s Legacy.”

The exhibits at the Museum of Pop Culture are constantly changing and here for a limited time. There are so many extraordinary musical artists to learn about. If you are going to do a Seattle Museum of Pop tour, you’ll want to make sure to check these out:

Seattle musicians

Nirvana Taking Punk To The Masses

Nirvana got its start in Seattle and was a revolutionary band in the grunge movement. This exhibit is a celebration of Nirvana’s legacy. It features many rare artifacts from Kurt Cobain’s personal collection, including his journals that he wrote in during their first US tour with Sonic Youth as well some never before seen footage like “Live at Reading.” The exhibition also includes an interactive component. It’s kind of epic. If you are a music nerd and love Seattle’s iconic bands, you’ll want to include this exhibition on your tour of MoPoP.


Pearl Jam Home and Away

Pearl Jam is another iconic Seattle-based band. This Pearl Jam exhibit at MoPoP has it all. You’ll find a replica of the band’s original practice space, which is still in use today. There are also some never-before-seen photos and videos from their early days, as well as an interactive component where you can play drums to “Alive” or sing along with Eddie Vedder on stage at Madison Square Garden (you know that one). Music lovers and music historians are bound to love this part of the MoPoP tour.

Pearl Jam

The guitar is a simple instrument with complex roots. It has been around for centuries, and there’s no telling what it’ll be used for next! The guitar can trace its origins back to the Middle Ages when one of the earliest known stringed instruments was invented in Europe: The Vihuela. Made from wood or gut strings strung over an oval soundboard that creates vibrations through friction against a flat bridge spanning two arms (or ‘fingers’) at each end, this Spanish ancestor is still played today as part of Flamenco music and other folk traditions throughout Latin America.

Did you know the electric guitar has a lot of hardware? Guests can deepen their understanding by learning about how it works through this detailed infographic. It includes information on pickups, frets, and other parts like the headstock and pickguard!

Guitar gallery

The Museum of Pop guitar exhibition features a selection of nearly 20 guitars and presents the instrument’s development throughout history with significant milestones. From Howlin’ Wolf’s 1965 Epiphone Casino to Jerry Cantrell’s 1984 G&L Rampage, it is sure to be an experience for any music enthusiast!

The Seattle gallery also features videos that allow visitors to hear the instruments in action through clips of nearly 30 musicians featured in the exhibition, including Poison Ivy, Slash, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Bob Dylan.

Guitar gallery mopop

Jimmy Hendrix MoPoP Exhibit

Jimmy Hendrix was the best of the best. Also, another Seattle-based musician! His music is still being played today and is timeless. He was born in 1942, which makes him a Leo! Cool huh?

The Jimmy Hendrix Exhibit at MoPop makes music lovers salivate! Jimi Hendrix’s life was short, but he accomplished more in his 27 years than most people could hope for. He lived a transient lifestyle and never stayed anywhere long-term until the last few months of his life when it became evident that Jimi had an illness from which there would be no recovery. In Wild Blue Angel: Hendrix Abroad 1966 – 1970, we follow him around Europe, where he toured with Cream before playing some deep blues at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club or meeting The Beatles backstage after one of their shows.

Author John McDermott captures the wild blue angel himself as they travel across London during the late 1960s, looking into Jimi’s time abroad touring between 1969 and September 18th, 1971.

Jimmy Hendrix

In conclusion, Jimi Hendrix is a rock legend, Pearl Jam is incredible, and who doesn’t remember jamming out to Nirvana. It’s time to get out there, explore the world of pop culture with the Seattle Museum Of Pop. People have a ton of questions about visiting the Seattle Museum of Pop (MoPop). We have all the answers to the most common questions!

Is the Seattle museum of pop culture worth it?

The Museum of Pop (Previously called the EMP) is totally worth it. The cost of admission to MoPOP is only $30. Even if you skip the special exhibits, you’ll have a fantastic experience. Worth it? 10 out of 10

How much does The Museum Of Pop Culture Cost?

The Museum of Pop (MoPOP) tickets cost $30 for adults, $27 for seniors, and $21 for youth (5-12). You’ll want to get your tickets early and buy them online. Entry times are limited, so please buy them in advance.

How long does the museum of pop culture take?

Touring the Seattle Museum of Pop takes 1.5 -3 hours. If you’re really into pop culture, music, or sci-fi stuff, chances are you’ll be here for five hours! Leave plenty of time to check out the Hedrix exhibit. Entry times are staggered for Covid.

What is EMP called now?

The EMP (Experience Music Project) is now called the Museum of Pop (MoPOP). It’s an excellent Seattle tour, even with the name change!

What did MoPOP used to be called?

MoPOP used to be called the Experience Music Project EMP. Now it is called the Museum of Pop.

Need tickets to The Museum of Pop?

Ready to book your music tour and your tour of the air? Your Seattle visit just got awesome!

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