Top 10 Luxurious Seattle Dates

1. Seattle Hot Air Balloon Ride:

Seattle Ballooning is where luxury experiences begin. Fly over the treetops and experience amazing views Mt. Rainier with the premier hot air balloon ride company in the Seattle. Unlike most hot air balloon companies who take large groups, Seattle Ballooning limits their flights to four guests. Their most exquisite flight is the private sunset flight for two, ending with a champagne toast, triple cream brie, and fresh pastries. Learn more at (

Hot air balloon flight over Seattle

2. Eat Dinner at Canlis:

Canlis is one of Seattle’s best restaurants. Reservations need to be made far in advance, but it’s worth the wait. Perfection is who they are. You can make reservations at

canlis restaurant

3. Take A Helicopter Flight:

Seattle Heli Tours provides 20 to 40-minute flights highlighting the most iconic images of Seattle, including Space Needle, Downtown Skyline, and Stadiums for both the Seattle Seahawks and Mariners. You can learn more at

seattle helitours classic

4. Rent a yacht and crew in Seattle:

Want a romantic night out on the water? Consider renting a luxury yacht and taking a trip to Friday Harbor. Luxury rentals can be found at

islands friday harbor

5. Wine Tour in Woodinville:

Seattle wineries are wonderful, but what makes it more fun is having a driver take you from winery to winery. Check out Seattle Wine Tours

6. Go to the tallest restaurant in the city:

The Columbia tower club is on the 75th floor of the Columbia Tower. The luxury restaurant inside the club is called Harvest. The club is members only, so you’ll have to find a friend to get access to this one.

7. Secret Speak Easy:

There are 7 fantastic secret luxury bars. Bring your pocket squares and bowties. It’s going to be classy.

Zig Zag Cafe

8. Space Needle Restaurant:

Soak in the sunset over the mountains. Enjoy the twinkling lights of downtown with SkyCity’s rotating panorama.

9. Sideline seating experience at CenturyLink Field.

Only thing better than front row, is being on the field itself.

Football game

10. Book an airbnb and a private chef:

This will be a dinner to remember.

canlis restaurant

Editor’s note: This blog post originally posted in March of 2016 has been updated for content

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