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Imagine the enchantment of dusk transformed into a spectacle of light and color as hot air balloons, towering and vibrant, come to life against the evening sky.

This is the magic of a hot air balloon glow, a captivating experience where 4-8 majestic balloons are inflated and illuminated, casting a warm and inviting glow that is the highlight of any event.

Balloon glow event inflation

Seattle Ballooning specializes in bringing this extraordinary experience to your gatherings, from grand festivals designed to dazzle over 10,000 spectators to intimate company events seeking a touch of wonder. Working closely with city organizers and private companies alike, we ensure each hot air balloon glow is seamlessly integrated into your event, creating unforgettable moments for both children and adults.

Guests are welcome to approach the balloons, engage with the pilots, and capture epic photos and videos, making it an interactive adventure that enriches any occasion. Add a hot air balloon glow to your event, and watch as the ordinary becomes extraordinary, leaving your guests with memories that glow as brightly as the balloons themselves.

PTA fundraising balloon glow Hot Air Balloon Glow

How Do Balloon Glows Work?

Our balloon glow events are meticulously designed 90-minute experiences that delight attendees of all ages. Our balloon glow events are masterfully crafted experiences lasting between 60 to 90 minutes, designed to captivate and mesmerize attendees from all walks of life. As twilight embraces the sky, a quintet of hot air balloons transforms into a breathtaking canvas, upon which a kaleidoscope of lights dances rhythmically, synchronized with a carefully selected musical backdrop. Events with a hot air balloon glow will take any event from pretty good to epic!

Hot air balloon glow Hot air balloon glow for an event

This harmonious fusion of sight and sound creates a mesmerizing spectacle, making the balloon glow not just an event but a vivid memory that attendees will cherish. Ideal for those seeking to draw large crowds, a balloon glow stands out as a magnetic attractor, drawing people together in shared awe and wonder. Whether you aim to illuminate a city festival or to light up a corporate gathering, our balloon glow will ensure your event is the radiant centerpiece of any celebration, leaving a lasting impression on all who witness its beauty.

Large Fundraising Potential In A Single Evening

Balloon glow in downtown Winthrop WA
Balloon glow in downtown Winthrop WA

Nonprofit organizations have used hot air balloon glows to raise a large amounts of funds in a single night!

Here’s the direct impact we’re talking about for non-profits: A single Balloon Glow Event has the potential to net your Non-Profit $20,000 to $45,000.  This event pictured below had 44k people come.  Not bad huh?!

Most Non-Profits sell tickets for $5-$10 per person for the event. Some organizations bring food trucks and musical talent to enhance the experience.

Balloon glow attendees

Hot Air Balloons As An Educational Opportunity

Along with our events for the community, we offer an affordable educational hot air balloon program for elementary schools designed to complement science lessons and spark students’ curiosity. Here’s what makes our program special:

  • Hands-On Learning: Students see a hot air balloon up close and engage directly with a real pilot.
  • Educational Content: Our presentation includes:
    • The history of ballooning
    • How weather affects balloons
    • Balloon mechanics and construction
    • Pilot training and licensing
  • Adaptable: We tailor the program to align with your current curriculum, ensuring it’s age-appropriate and relevant.
  • Interactive: Kids can ask questions and get immediate, expert answers.

This program turns a science lesson into an unforgettable, sky-high adventure!

Communities Love Balloon Glows

Do people show up to events like this?  This event was only marketed on Facebook… 40,000 people from the community came to support it!

Step Forward With Us

Ready to take your event or fundraising to extraordinary heights? Contact us today to discuss how we can help your event really shine. Email us at Eliav@seattleballooning or text 206-588-9788 to get details.