The Soiree Balloon Society

European Hot Air Balloon Adventures: Raw Authenticity Meets Understated Luxury

At the Soiree Society, ballooning is an enthralling journey filled with wonder and adventure. As members, you gain exclusive access to balloon festivals usually reserved for private balloon owners and their cherished guests. But with us, the experience is elevated even higher. As you ascend, you don’t just drift with the winds—you immerse in the unique spirit of each European destination, savor its distinct flavors, and resonate with its cultural heartbeat. These are not mere balloon rides. They are masterfully curated adventures that meld the awe of ballooning with the genuine essence of Europe.

Our current travel destinations and luxury vacations

Swiss Alps Winter Balloon Festival In Switzerland (Jan 2025)

Embark on an unparalleled 8-day winter escapade in the heart of Switzerland with the Soiree Balloon Society. Rise with the dawn and let the winds guide you across the Swiss Alps, a ballooning experience punctuated by breathtaking vistas. Revel in the spectacle of the Chateau D’oex Hot Air Balloon Festival, where the Swiss sky becomes a tapestry of over 90 vibrant balloons. Beyond the skies, indulge in Switzerland’s finest—savor gourmet meals, sip on exquisite wines, and retire in luxurious accommodations. This isn’t just a trip; it’s a curated Swiss balloon adventure.chateau d’oex

Paestum, ITALY - SEPT/OCT 2024

Embark on an 8-day Soiree Society balloon journey in Paestum, Southern Italy’s gem. Every sunrise and sunset, ascend with 30 vibrant balloons over ancient ruins and the captivating Amalfi Coast. Marvel at the daily ballet of balloons against the ocean and historic temples. Between flights, immerse in Italy with curated wine tastings, enlightening tours, and idyllic beaches. Indulge in dishes by our private chef, enjoy Italy’s best wines, and unwind in pure Italian luxury.

Rise Above the Ordinary:

Venture with us to iconic hot air balloon festivals in Italy, Austria, or Switzerland. Every morning, you’ll be part of the exclusive few, rising among 30-90 vibrant balloons, capturing a view of Europe that few have the privilege to see.

More Than Just Ballooning: Authentic European Adventures:

While daily ballooning excursions are the heart of our journey, Europe always has more to offer. On days when ballooning pauses for elusive skies, we pivot to curated experiences deeply rooted in European traditions. From hidden tours to diving deep into local cultures, we ensure every moment is memorable.

True Luxury, Authentically European:

Here, luxury isn’t about gold faucets or caviar—it’s about genuine, rich experiences. Enjoy dishes meticulously crafted by our private chef, each echoing local traditions and flavors. As evening unfurls, indulge in some of Europe’s finest aged wines. And, when you retire, do so in our select high-end accommodations, each a testament to the region’s authentic charm.

Exclusivity in Every Moment:

With limited spots for just 8 adventurers per journey, your story won’t just be one among many—it’ll be distinct and privileged. Whether you choose to reserve an entire journey for your circle or bond with like-minded explorers, each day etches memories that are both profound and rare.

An Invitation to the Truly Special:

Step into an immersive adventure, a harmony of aerial marvel and terrestrial wonder, curated exclusively for those in search of something truly extraordinary.

Coming Soon - 2024

The Grand Expedition A Bespoke Hot Air Balloon Tour Through the Grand Canyon (By Special Request)

Join us on a bespoke hot air balloon tour over the Grand Canyon! This private tour is exclusively for 4-10 guests who will design their own balloon and personalize every aspect of their adventure, including the flight path and landing sites. Accommodations, dining, and wine are included, and our attentive staff will create a bespoke itinerary. Private air transportation is provided.