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Take team building to new heights on a hot air balloon tour with Seattle Ballooning. We host groups of 8 – 35 on a 2.5-hour guided hot air balloon tour in front of Mt. Rainier in Seattle, Washington. Your team will enjoy incredible views of the Cascades, the Seattle skyline, and Mt. Rainier from altitude! 

Networking and team building are essential, but they don't have to be mundane!

Your team is over...

Why Choose a Hot Air Balloon Adventure for Your Corporate Event?

Escape the Ordinary. Our hot air balloon experiences are unique, thrilling, and unifying.

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We Lift You Up

Your journey begins with a smooth takeoff into the skies, arranged for your group’s convenience and excitement. Hot air ballooning with your team is an extraordinary way to inspire, boost morale, and offer your team an unparalleled bonding experience.

Foster Genuine Connections: Our serene journey through the Seattle sky provides the perfect setting for your team to communicate, connect, and collaborate away from the distractions of the office.

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We Bring You Back

Land with memories that uplift your team’s spirit and conversations for weeks to come.

Dietary accommodations? Celebratory toasts? Address from the leadership? We can arrange it all.

Bucket List Experience: Hot air ballooning is not just an activity; it’s a bucket list adventure. It’s a chance for your employees to tick off a life goal with their teammates right there alongside them.

The Seattle Ballooning Corporate Experience

2.5 Hours of Majestic Views: Our flights offer a serene escape with enough time for team members to unwind, converse, and even have informal sessions with management or team leads.

Sky-High Networking: At 2500 to 5000 feet, the usual office hierarchy feels a world away. It’s a chance for everyone to converse on a level playing field, building a sense of unity and mutual respect.

Cultivate Culture: A company that adventures together, stays together. Strengthen your corporate culture with an experience that celebrates the spirit of collaboration and the joy of a shared journey.

Tailored for Your Team: Whether it’s celebrating milestones, forging new alliances, or simply encouraging a fresh perspective, our corporate hot air balloon tours offer an inspiring backdrop for any corporate narrative.

Ready to book your team's ascent?

“Before launching Seattle Ballooning, I was part of sales teams for 20 years. Who doesn’t love aged bottles of wine and wagyu steak dinners? The challenge is dinners and traditional corporate events don’t take the team to the next level. I experienced the same old team-building activities. That’s why I know the value of an engaging, memorable event that brings everyone together.”

Eliav Cohen Founder, Seattle Ballooning

The Sooner, The Better

As the leader in hot air balloon experiences in the North West, we pride ourselves on creating unforgettable outings for every team we lift. Due to our exclusive tours and the logistics of hot air ballooning, booking early is key. Secure your date now for the ultimate flexibility.