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You may only take one hot air balloon ride in your life. Make it luxurious.

Walla Walla hot air balloon rides

There are some incredible cities in Washington state to join a hot air balloon tour.  If you are on the West side of the state, there is no better place to fly in a hot air balloon than in Seattle directly in front of Mt. Rainier. It’s epic. The season in Seattle runs May through mid-September. During the spring and fall, Seattle Ballooning provides intermittent hot air balloon rides over the vineyards and rolling hills in Walla Walla Washington.  Although the Walla Walla Valley is known for its wineries, most people aren’t aware that you can fly in a colorful, 10 story hot air balloon over the beautiful vineyards and rolling hills.

Types of hot air balloon rides

There are a few types of hot air balloon ride experiences that we offer in Walla Walla. General hot air balloon rides and Walla Walla balloon festival experiences.  As the only large hot air balloon operator in Washington State, Seattle Ballooning provides group hot air balloon rides during the weekend of Walla Walla Balloon Stampede.  The privately-owned hot air balloons launch from Howard Tietan park each morning at sunrise and head North across town toward the airport.  Our commercial ride balloons launch slightly south of the field or from local wineries and join the other private hot balloons in flight.   The Walla Walla Balloon Stampede balloon festival takes place each year in mid-October.

Balloon ride reservations and hot air balloon ride pricing

We have limited passenger capacity, and reservations sell out months in advance. We typically bring 2 commercial hot air balloons from our fleet that carry a maximum of 18 passengers.  We also have private hot air balloon festival rides for two available.  Although most of the private hot air balloon pilots only fly in the morning, Seattle Ballooning’s award-winning balloon pilots provide both sunrise and sunset hot air balloon flights during the Stampede weekend.  

Pricing can be found here on our booking calendar. Shared Walla Walla balloon rides range from $295 per person to $375 per person. Private Walla Walla flights range from $1400-$1800 per couple depending on the experience. Hot air balloon rides during the Balloon Stampede weekend or pop up balloon festivals typically have a 20% premium.

Shared Hot Air Balloon Rides

Our shared hot air balloon rides includes the romance of a private flight with the addition of four to eight additional guests. Our hot air balloons have oversized compartments.You’ll have plenty of space with unobstructed views.

With a maximum of eight to ten guests in the basket (plus the pilot), you’ll get a personal and safe experience with the luxury of flying in a commercial-grade hot air balloon.

Helping with the setup and takedown of the hot air balloon isn’t required, but we find many guests enjoy being involved in the process of inflation and pack-up.

Shared Flight hot air balloon rides start at $295 per guest

Group hot air balloon ride

Private Hot Air Balloon Rides

We have intimate private hot air balloon rides for two and private group flights with guests up to 10. Many couples and families are interested in booking private experiences to celebrate those special occasions. 

These private flights are luxurious and a great way to go on an adventure together. There’s no substitute for the intimacy of a private hot air balloon ride for two!

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, engagement, or another special occasion, we’ll make sure it is amazing. You’ll cherish your hot air balloon experience for years to come!

Private hot air balloon rides start at $1400 per flight

Common hot air balloon ride questions

What does a typically hot air balloon ride in Walla Walla look like?

For sunrise balloon flights, we meet passengers 30 minutes prior to sunrise.  We meet 2.5 hours prior to sunset for our evening balloon rides. Once all guests are checked in and a safety training is communicated, the Seattle Ballooning crew will set up the balloons.  It takes 15 minutes for the balloons to inflate.  Once the hot air balloons are hot, you’ll be invited to hop on board for your adventure.  Hot air balloon rides spend right around 60 minutes in the air.

Where is the best place to get breakfast in Downtown Walla Walla?

After an incredible sunrise hot air balloon ride and drinking some post-flight champagne, you’ll be hungry!  We have two favorite restaurants in downtown Walla Walla for breakfast.

The Maple Counter Cafe

The hour-plus wait is worth it.  as an added bonus you can grab a waffle at their waffle food truck as an appetizer. At the Maple Counter Cafe, visitors can enjoy a mouthwatering breakfast or lunch. With such rave reviews from foodie sites and travel websites alike for their handcrafted menu items, it’s hard to make your selection.  One item you don’t want to miss is their fresh-squeezed orange juice.  Skip the glass and just order a jug. It’s divine.

What has kept customers coming back 35 years? The family knows what they are doing of course because no one makes better homemade breakfast meals than these folks who have been slinging’em outta there kitchen since the 90s.

Where do the hot air balloons fly in Walla Walla Washington?

Since hot air balloons only use the wind for control, each flight is different. Some flight paths go directly over downtown Walla Walla, some fly over South of town over the vineyards, and others fly North of town above the wheat fields and rolling hills. Our hot air balloon rides typically ascend to 3000-5000 feet giving guests unparalleled breathtaking views of the Walla Walla Valley and Blue Mountains. After a beautiful flight and soft landing, we’ll open a delicious bottle of champagne to celebrate our experience, and provide a shuttle back to your vehicle.

Can the whole family come flying in the balloons in Walla Walla?

Hot air balloon experiences are an incredible adventure to embark on as a family.  You can join a shared ride with other guests or select a private balloon ride for the whole family.  We have hot air balloons of all sizes that can accommodate up to 10 passengers. There are only a few restrictions.  At Seattle Ballooning, we do not take kids under the age of 4. Kids 4 and older love hot air ballooning.

Are there weight restrictions to fly in a hot air balloon in Walla Walla?

Yes. Due to insurance and the weight and balance of our aircraft, we cannot accept reservations for passengers that weigh over 260lbs.  The average passenger weight in your party needs to be under 225lb per person for sunrise flights and 200lb per person on average for sunset flights.

What wineries do you suggest guests visit after their Walla Walla hot air balloon ride?

Wine tasting is a great option. Walla Walla has excellent wines. It boasts over 350 wineries and has an incredible wine scene.  If you are looking for the best wine bars in Washington wine country, we would suggest checking out https://www.wallawalla.org/wineries/.  

Walla Walla has a ton of stuff to do.  Historic Downtown Walla Walla is full of cute shops, delicious restaurants, outdoor patios, and farmer’s markets.  There is a great cheese shop, blacksmith shop, and multiple niche book shops. The Fort Walla Walla Museum is a short drive from downtown as well as Bennington Lake.  Another option is to drive out into the countryside and check out the dairy farms and grapes growing in the vineyards

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