Seattle Ballooning’s Hot Air Balloon Pilots

Our hot air balloon pilots love introducing new people to the magic of flight. Want to know more about us?

Since 2009, I’ve been passionate about hot air ballooning. There is nothing quite like seeing an eagle’s nest from the sky, watching elk and horses graze in their fields, flying inches above corn tassels, skimming the bottom of a hot air balloon basket on a river or lake, and enjoying the incredible views of Mt. Rainier… Read more

Cameron has been in the business of ballooning since he was 13. In 2018, he was selected for the Junior US National Team and competed in Poland for the Junior World Championship. In 2020, Cameron was ranked 2nd overall in the US for hot air balloon competition. Read more


Kasey started ballooning at age 5 in Wichita, Kansas and helped on various balloon crews up until earning his LTA Pilot Certificate at age 20 in 2007 (his now-Father-in-law was his flight instructor). He also began building scale model RC balloons at age 13 and still works on various balloon projects. He has flown balloons of all sizes for over 500 hours all over the country and enjoys competing in balloon competitions whenever possible. Kasey also is a professional musician.


McKenna is one of the only active female commercial hot air balloon pilots in the NW. She loves to fly hot air balloons and train new pilots. She is a lead instructor in Seattle Ballooning’s young aeronauts program.


Amanda has wanted to be a balloon pilot since she was 6 years old. Her aviation career started off in paragliding, piloting over 700 flights across the world! Swapping out for a hot air balloon, Amanda received her pilot’s certificate in 2019. Sharing the magic of flight with others is a dream come true for her.

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