Seattle Hot Air Balloon Rides

Seattle Ballooning’s Hot Air Balloon Ride – Preflight Experience

Our morning (or evening) hot air balloon rides begin at the Muckleshoot Casino, just a short drive from Downtown Seattle. Once all guests have arrived, we’ll hop into the chase vans and head out to one of of our balloon launch sites (a 10-minute drive).

While traveling to the launch site, your pilot will share some fascinating hot air balloon history and provide a safety orientation. Upon arrival, our crew will pull the hot air balloon equipment off the trailer, turn on the fans to inflate the balloon, and you’ll experience the balloon come to life!

Your Balloon Ride Begins!

Once all passengers climb into the balloon basket, the burner will surge, and you will slowly lift into the air. As you move effortlessly with the winds, you will enjoy the views of the Green and White river, Lake Tapps and Lake Washington, beautiful farmland, and spectacular views of the Puget Sound from 3,000ft – 5000ft.

Hot air balloon rides are a fantastic way to see the beauty of Seattle. You will see downtown Seattle, Tacoma, Lake Tapps, Auburn, and the beautiful Cascade and the Olympic Mountains. The highlight of most guests balloon ride is experiencing the majestic Mt. Rainier. Our typical hot air balloon rides travel 6-10 miles and last right around an hour.

During your balloon ride, your pilot will be your knowledgeable tour guide. They’ll offer information on the local sceneries, and answer any questions about hot air ballooning that you may have.

Post Flight Ballooning Celebration

After your pilots softly lands the basket, we’ll celebrate your hot air balloon ride with a true French ballooning tradition. No balloon ride is complete without a proper toast and good champagne.

You’ll drink delicious aged champagne along with pre-packaged luxury chocolates. The whole experience lasts two and a half hours, but the memories you’ll make will last a lifetime.

Seattle Ballooning’s hot air balloon rides are regarded as the ‘Best Balloon Ride in the Northwest’ with views of Mt Rainier, Mt. Saint Helens, Auburn, Lake Tapps, beautiful rolling farmland…and much more. Fly with us and experience the breathtaking views yourself!

Shared Hot Air Balloon Rides

Our shared hot air balloon rides include the romance of a private flight with the addition of four to eight additional guests. Our hot air balloons have oversized compartments. Meaning you’ll have plenty of space with unobstructed views. You can select a shared sunrise or sunset flight. Both are amazing.

With a maximum of eight to ten guests in the basket (plus the pilot), you’ll get a personal and safe experience with the luxury of flying in a commercial-grade hot air balloon. Get ready for panoramic views on this exciting high flying excursion.

Helping with the setup and takedown of the hot air balloon isn’t required, but we find many guests enjoy being involved in the process of inflation and pack-up.

Private Hot Air Balloon Rides

We have intimate private hot air balloons for two and private group flights with guests up to 10. Many couples and families are interested in booking private experiences to celebrate those special occasions.

These private flights are luxurious and a great way to go on an adventure together. There’s no substitute for the intimacy of a private hot air balloon ride for two! For groups with older individuals or young kids we suggest booking a sunrise flight due to slow winds.

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, engagement, checking ballooning off your bucket list, or another special occasion, we’ll make sure it is amazing. You’ll cherish your hot air balloon experience for years to come!

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