Sunrise Balloon Flights

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Rides

If you’re looking for the best hot air balloon rides, sunrise is always the way to go. Sunrise flights are wonderful. The winds are calm and you get to see the sun come up over the Cascades while you are 2000 feet above the earth. It’s a beautiful sight, super fun, and a great experience for people who are early risers or want the best hot air ballooning experience. Families with kids and older adults in their group will love a sunrise flight.

Yes, it’s early in the morning, but nothing beats seeing the sun rays hitting the rolling hills as you lift off from the launch site. You’ll fly over treetops, catch the wind at different altitudes, and before you know it, your pilot will have gently set the balloon down at the landing site. You can join a shared hot air balloon ride with other guests or book a private flight for your own party (2-10) guests.

The advantages of booking a private sunrise flight in Seattle are plentiful. For one, you get the whole balloon to yourselves. That means no waiting in line and no having to share the basket with other passengers. Sunrise balloon flights are just magical – there’s nothing quite like seeing the world from up high as the sun comes up. Watching the sun slowly burn away the darkness, revealing the world in all its glory is a sight you cannot miss. It’s an unforgettable experience! Private hot air balloon rides are for couples, families, and friends celebrating special occasions. The best part is you get to float through the sky with just your loved one, friends, and family. If you are looking for the best Seattle private group tour, you’ve found it.

Private Flights

When you select a private hot air balloon ride with Seattle Ballooning, you will have exclusive access to the balloon and one of our wonderful pilots. We ensure you’ll get the perfect sunrise hot air balloon ride experience. Our beautiful private hot air balloons are designed to carry 2-4 guests, so it’s perfect for an intimate experience with your loved one. Imagine the smile on the face of your significant other the get to see the sun come over Mt. Rainier with you. You can have a hot air balloon experience that is all about you. Also don’t forget Seattle Ballooning serves delicious post-flight champagne toast. Whether it is an anniversary, birthday, engagement, or life milestone, let Seattle Ballooning give you the hot air balloon ride of your dreams.

During your hot air balloon ride, you may enjoy seeing Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier on a clear day, watching bald eagles hunt for fish in the river below you, and smelling the freshness of nature as it wakes up to start its day. We are also very lucky to have amazing views of downtown Seattle and the Puget Sound! This is truly an unforgettable hot air balloon experience that you can’t get at any other hot air balloon ride company in the Northwest.

Shared Flights

Private Group Hot Air Balloon Rides

When you go on a private sunrise hot air balloon ride in Seattle, you’ll get to enjoy the experience with your friends or family. You won’t have to worry about being around other guests that you don’t know. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate a special event, like a graduation or birthday. You can even help grandma check hot air ballooning off her bucket list! Your family and friends will be talking about this experience for years.

You’ll be surprised by what you can see from hot air balloon! You might even get a bird’s eye view of your home or favorite Seattle landmarks, like the Space Needle or Mt. Rainier*. When you go on a private hot air balloon ride in Seattle, it will be whatever you want to make of it. Be as adventurous or mellow as you please! There are lots of great memories that can come out of hot air ballooning with just your closest family and friends.

When you purchase a shared sunrise hot air balloon ride with Seattle Ballooning, you get the luxury experience of a private hot air balloon flight at a fraction of the cost. Our oversized baskets are comfortable and can accommodate couples, families, and friends. Our commercial-grade hot air balloons are safe and reliable, so you can enjoy your adventure or celebrate your special occasion without worrying about a thing. A hot air balloon ride is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary. Heck if you are looking for something unique, romantic, and adventurous, you’ve found it!

General FAQs About Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Rides

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Are balloon rides at sunrise canceled less often?

Yes. The weather in at sunrise is the best time to fly in a balloon. All wind comes from heat exchanges or pressure. In the morning time close to sunrise, the wind direction is very consistent and calm. People that are older or that are bringing young kids along will want to select a sunrise balloon ride for that reason.

What happens if the weather is poor?

You’ll be glad to know that most hot air balloon pilots are weather dorks. Since balloon pilots only use the wind for steering, it’s not possible to fly if the winds are too fast or going in a poor direction. Aeronauts (balloon pilots) also don’t fly in marginal or poor weather conditions. If your balloon ride is canceled for the weather you’ll have the opportunity to reschedule or receive a refund.

Why is the balloon ride flight time so early in the morning?

Our flights take place at sunrise and in June and July it can be pretty early. The good news is there are spectacular views from a balloon at sunrise. Close to sunrise is when the wind speed on the surface is slowest. If you aren’t an early riser, you can always select a sunset balloon ride. We meet about 2.5 hours prior to sunset for those balloon tours.

Does it get cold if we are launching the hot air balloon in the dark?

We are the only hot air balloon company in Washington State that launches pre-sunrise. During the summer in Seattle, it doesn’t get that cold in general. We suggest guests bring a jacket and wear jeans with waterproof shoes in case there is dew on the grass. When we go up to altitude it will actually be warmer due to the heat from the burner and sun.

How will we get back from our sunrise hot air balloon ride reaching our landing spot?

Seattle Ballooning has a large staff of experienced balloon crew members that pack up the balloon and give guests a courtesy shuttle back to the Muckleshoot Casino.

What is Seattle Ballooning's safety record? Has Seattle Ballooning ever had an issue or accident?

No. Seattle Ballooning is proud to have a perfect safety record. The main reason we’ve been able to keep this perfect safety record is we have experienced pilots who won’t fly in marginal or poor weather conditions. Our number 1 priority is the safety of our passengers and crew.

Can pregnant travelers join sunrise hot air balloon flights?

Nope. There are no hot air balloon companies in the US that take pregnant travelers. You are welcome to follow along in your own vehicle. When you guys are ready to fly, get a babysitter and come join us.