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Getting attention can be easy. People are always on their phones and tablets scrolling through social media. With so many distractions out there, it’s hard to get people’s attention anymore – but not if you use an advertising hot air balloon.Corporate hot air balloon marketing Amazon Hot Air Balloon Marketing

This is an opportunity to use your budget focused on brand awareness and generate a ton of value. Display ads, large media buys, and Facebook/Google ads for targeting and retargeting specific segments of prospects will always bring value.
However, regarding brand awareness, the most iconic brands like Disney and Coca-cola and billionaires like Richard Branson have used a secret advertising method for over 50 years. Hot air balloon Marketing. Surprisingly, corporate balloon programs are affordable and available to brands of any size.

Corporate Hot Air Balloon Advertising

Two billionaires used hot air balloons in the 70s and 80s to receive the most significant ROI achieved through a marketing campaign. Malcolm Forbes and Sir Richard Branson were intrigued by hot air ballooning because of its uniqueness and used them to promote their businesses. Balloons are nostalgic, rare, and capture the inner child in anyone that experiences one. In 2023, brands are utilizing balloons to see similar results in ROI on their marketing spend.

Marketers and designers are fantastic at designing billboards that reach millions of drivers daily. When was the last time you took a photo of a billboard and posted it to Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook? Never right? Over 100M pictures of hot air balloons are posted on social media each year, and It’s no surprise that the most photographed event in the world is the Alburquerque Balloon Festival. If you see a balloon flying with or without advertising, it’s almost impossible not to snap a shot and share your photos on social media.

Earned Media With Cost Effective Hot Air Balloon Advertising

Malcolm Forbes and Richard Branson understood how to use balloons and get massive free press and positive impressions for their businesses. Malcolm Forbes flew a hot air balloon from coast to coast in the United States in 1972, breaking six world records. In 1975, he attempted to be the first to cross the Atlantic in a manned balloon.

Credit: Forbes India


Forbes was unsuccessful in crossing the Atlantic; however, his attempts were written about in every major news publication. He piloted his hot air balloon over 25 countries and captured the attention of hundreds of millions of people. That’s a solid earned media campaign. Malcolm Forbes once said, “Our hot air balloon promotions were the most effective marketing campaigns if looking only at ROI.” These days everyone has a cell phone with a cell phone camera. It’s easier than ever for the public to take photos with their smartphone and share them immediately. If cellphone cameras had been around in the 70s and ’80s, the media reach would have been 10X.

Promoting Your Brand With Corporate Hot Air Balloons

In 1987, Sir Richard Branson used hot air balloons to promote his Virgin brand when he attempted to cross the Atlantic in a hot air balloon. Branson was successful in his attempt and wrote a book about the adventure that sold millions of copies. His hot air ballooning campaign received international press coverage, allowing him to reach billions of people with the message he wanted to share about his brand. In 1991, Branson was the first to cross the Pacific Ocean in a hot air balloon, and in 1998 set his target of being the first to circumnavigate the world by a hot air balloon. Richard Branson used the media attention from his branded hot air balloon and world record-breaking attempts to further the reach of his brand.

There are many advertising options, but spending more on display ads, Tiktok, or Facebook ads focused on awareness will not help you hit the revenue goals you are trying to achieve. To this day, hot air balloon marketing and advertising is one of the most effective ways for marketers and brands to connect with their target audience. Hot air balloon sponsorship allows you to stand out from your competitors, build awareness, and create an emotional connection with your target market that they won’t soon forget.

Hot Air Balloon Advertising Strategy

Hot air balloon marketing has been used by the most prominent brands worldwide since 1971. Some of the most recognizable companies have had long-standing corporate hot air balloon programs, including Coca-Cola, 7up, Disney, Amazon, Wells Fargo, Ford, Dodge, Chickflia, The Super Bowl, and Kellogg’s.

Many of these companies have regularly shaped balloons or sponsored racing balloons – yes, there are balloon competitions! Other brands like Wells Fargo have giant special shape balloons like the stagecoach!

Advertising balloons Command attention

Rather than competing with sponsors on the ground, a hot air balloon dominates the sky. In addition to increasing a brand’s visibility, hot air balloons create a sense of wonder and amazement. A fun and exciting attraction for any event, hot air balloons are popular at festivals, sporting events, fairs, and corporate outings.

As with most sponsorship opportunities, there’s no limit to how creative advertisers can be when using hot air balloons. Balloons can be used to advertise a brand’s logo or message or even shaped into specific shapes and designs for added impact. Colors and lighting can also be incorporated to maximize the effect of the balloon in the sky. When properly executed, hot air balloons create a fantastic display that people will remember long after.

Hot Air Balloons Are Naturally Viral

Hot air balloons are contagious. Adults and kids love hot air balloons and sharing them on social media, and this leads to massive exposure for the sponsor and a longer-term presence since those images can be shared with many more people over time.

Cost Of Hot Air Balloon Advertising

Hot air balloon advertising programs range in cost based on the activities they want the balloon involved in. The hard costs of a sponsored balloon system with fully printed panels typically run 110k-130k. Many brands provide a wrapped vehicle and trailer to both store and move the balloon around to different events.

Custom Hot Air Balloon Programs

Custom hot air balloon marketing programs can vary widely. Some hot air balloon advertisers want the balloon to fly in hot air balloon festivals and events across the country. Other advertisers want local flights near their business, and others want world-record attempts to garner massive media. We also find many brands utilize their hot air balloons at corporate events. The cost for the hot air balloon pilot, crew, fuel, and incidentals typically runs 3k-4k per fight. For large special events and tethers may run 15-20k per inflation. The cost of the equipment and pilots is minimal compared to the significant ROI brands find by utilizing hot air balloon marketing.

Hot Air Balloons As An Educational Opportunity

Corporate balloon media opportunities
Seattle Ballooning in NY Times talking about our Amazon program for young people

One neat marketing opportunity is to be involved in educational events. Want a 100-foot-tall hot air balloon billboard at a local event; you can do it. It may seem like an out-of-the-box marketing idea, but the truth is that kids and adults love balloons and don’t often get the opportunity to get up close and personal with them. Other brands sponsor balloons intending to get young people into ballooning. Seattle Ballooning has a program with Amazon that supports Seattle Ballooning’s program in getting young people and diversity into ballooning. Amazon got some unexpected media… being on the front page of the NYTimes, Nickelodeon, and the Washington Post. That’s some decent exposure for a small investment.

Bringing Clients Or Key Customers On A Special Experience

A hot air balloon ride in your corporate balloon is an excellent way to wow customers and build relationships with key clients. It’s a great opportunity to have your clients be your guests, meet their loved ones, and help them check hot air ballooning off their bucket list!

Hot Air Balloon Banner Advertising - Low Cost

You can’t go wrong with a banner on the side of a hot air balloon! The low cost and high visibility make it perfect for local companies wanting to increase their exposure without purchasing a complete custom balloon system. Hot air balloon advertising Banners are 20-30 feet wide. The logo will be memorable enough that people won’t forget about how amazing you are –they’ll remember this experience every time they see or hear anything related in future ads from other businesses around town. The impressions our mobile billboards collect while floating overhead during major sporting events, festivals, and community events will skyrocket your brand visibility and awareness.

Hot Air Balloon Advertising Liability

There is a reason that some of the largest companies in the world have hot air balloon programs. Hot air balloons are very similar to a billboard. The balloon company owns the equipment and pays for insurance, just like the billboard company owns the site next to a highway. The brand is essentially paying for the advertising on the balloon and has no liability. If Disney, Coca-Cola, and Amazon are okay with having hot air balloons, you should too.

What media opportunities are available with hot air balloons in this day and age?

There are a ton of different opportunities to use a corporate balloon once you have one built. Static displays, hot air balloon tethers, free balloon flight, special events, and balloon glows. All of these options allow your brand to get maximum impressions and photos of your branded balloon to be spread across social media.

Flying a branded hot air balloon over cities, events, and target audiences

Branded hot air balloons offer an unforgettable and exciting way to connect with potential customers. Businesses can reach a wide and diverse audience by flying a hot air balloon over cities and events. Additionally, hot air balloon sponsorship can be an effective way to create awareness for marketing campaigns. The large, colorful balloons are sure to grab attention, and the excitement of watching them fly by will leave a lasting impression on those who witness it. Hot air balloons can fly or be stood up near or at major events. This often leads to free TV advertisements on national and local stations.

Tethering branded or sponsored balloons at events and festivals

When it comes to marketing at festivals and events, few tactics are as eye-catching as hot air balloon tethering. You can easily connect with your target audience by attaching a branded hot air balloon to your event. Not only will this tactic draw attention to your booth or stage, but it will also create a festive atmosphere that encourages attendees to stick around and learn more about what you have to offer. In addition, hot air balloon tethering is an effective way to generate excitement and curiosity among potential customers, helping you to stand out from the competition.

Participating in balloon glows

A hot air balloon glow is a mesmerizing sight. The hot air balloons stay on the ground and light up the sky. It’s a beautiful display.

hot air balloon glow
Balloon glow: Hot air balloon advertising


If you’re looking for an event that will wow your target audience, consider sponsoring or advertising at a hot air balloon glow. These events are growing in popularity, and they offer a great way to connect with your target audience. You can expect to see a lot of families and children at hot air balloon glows, so it’s the perfect opportunity to reach out to a new audience.

If you’re interested in sponsoring or advertising at a hot air balloon glow, get in touch with the event organizers. They’ll be able to tell you more about the event and how you can get involved. It’s a great way to make an impression on your target audience and memorably connect with them.

Film, TV, commercials, and earned media

The hot air balloon is a majestic and awe-inspiring sight. It’s no wonder the news and media love showing hot air balloon videos. These beautiful creatures soaring through the sky are the perfect symbol of freedom and adventure. They’re also a great way to get free advertising for any brand. Seeing a hot air balloon in the sky is sure to capture people’s attention and may even make them want to learn more about what’s being advertised. So if you’re looking for a way to connect with your target audience, hot air balloon advertising is the way to go.
So imagine joining the ranks of Malcolm Forbes and Richard Branson by having your business soaring to new heights with a hot air balloon sponsorship. When most people think of hot air balloon advertising, they imagine a beautiful hot air balloon floating lazily through the sky, carrying a colorful ad for a local business. They may not realize that hot air balloon sponsorships can be an affordable and effective way to reach your target market.
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Difference between Inflatable balloons and hot air balloons

Inflatable balloons or cold air rooftop balloons are different from hot air balloons and are similar to a bounce house. Inflatable balloons are 20-30 feet tall and are typically seen at car dealerships. Hot air balloons are official FAA aircraft and can be inflated almost anywhere.

What Is The Cost Of A Special Shape Balloon

Special shape balloons are amazing. Internationally built balloons can be as low as 75k, and American-made type certified balloons typically cost 150k-200k. Special shape balloons can be made in almost any shape. Malcolm Forbes owned many specially shaped balloons, including the Taj Mahal, the Statue Of Liberty, and a motorcycle! If you have a cool idea about a special shape, we can make it happen!

Can I Rent A Hot Air Balloon

Yes! Hot air balloon rentals include a full hot air balloon system and FAA certified pilot to operate the aircraft. Hot air balloons, branded or unbranded, are fantastic opportunities to attract attendees to any event. Balloons can be a fantastic addition to Gala-type fundraising events creating a first-class event presentation for guests. If you are an event planner or running a trade show, we would be happy to walk you through hot air balloon event marketing tactics. Nothing gets the attention of customers passing by then a giant hot air balloon!
You can also rent a hot air balloon basket for visual impact at your trade show booth or corporate party.

How Big Are Corporate Hot Air Balloons

Most corporate advertising balloons are 60k cubic foot racers or 77k our 90k cubic foot round balloons. They stand 80-100 feet tall and are 50-60 feet wide. Banners on the balloons are typically 15-20 feet wide and are similar in size to conventional billboards.