Cameron Wall

“For me, flying balloons is about capturing that giddy feeling of freedom and sharing it with others.”

- Cameron Wall

Hey there, I’m Cameron Wall. My journey with hot air balloons started in a field watching them ascend into the sky when I was just 5 months old. That sense of awe never left me; it only grew stronger. Fast forward two decades, and here I am at 25, the chief pilot at Seattle Ballooning, waking up every day with that same eager anticipation I felt as a kid.

My roots in ballooning dig deep back to my childhood in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where balloons painted the sky daily. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta was my annual highlight, where I idolized the skilled pilots and vowed to be among them. My determination found direction under the wing of Richard Abruzzo, a family friend and ballooning legend who became my mentor, guiding me toward making ballooning my life’s work.

Five years into being a commercial pilot, my journey has been nothing short of a dream. From starting my own balloon ride company fresh out of certification to embracing the Las Vegas skies as the Re/Max pilot, each flight has reinforced my passion for this art. But it’s the competitive side of ballooning that truly ignites my spirit. Competing across the U.S. and in ten different countries, I’ve experienced the camaraderie and challenge of the sport on a global scale. Representing Team USA at the Junior World Championships not once but twice has been the pinnacle of my competitive career so far! Yet, coaching Amanda Brodbeck, a fellow pilot at Seattle Ballooning, to her first Women’s National Championship in 2023 might top that list. Moments like these highlight the unique blend of individual achievement and team spirit in the world of competitive ballooning.

Flying over places like Vilnius, Lithuania, with its stunning mix of modern and historic landscapes, alongside friends from every corner of the globe, makes this sport truly special. It’s about more than just the flight; it’s about the shared experiences, the laughter, and the sheer beauty of seeing the world from above.

When I’m not flying, I either explore new destinations, dive into the ocean’s depths, or hit the tennis court. The thrill of discovering new places, flavors, and experiences drives me, and I’m incredibly excited about blending my love for flying with the adventure of travel in Seattle Ballooning’s upcoming luxury tours in Europe.

For me, flying balloons is about capturing that giddy feeling of freedom and sharing it with others. Whether competing at the highest levels, sharing the skies with first-time flyers, or exploring new corners of the globe, it’s all about the love of flight.