Hot Air Balloon Tethers

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A tethered hot air balloon ride involves securing a hot air balloon to the ground with ropes or cables, allowing it to ascend to a preset height—usually around 50 to 100 feet—before it comes back down. This can be repeated, offering guests brief, yet exhilarating ascents into the sky. It’s a way to experience hot air ballooning that is both safe and controlled, making it accessible for people of all ages and comfort levels with heights.Tethered Hot Air Balloon

The essence of tethered balloon rides at events, parties, and festivals lies in their ability to provide a unique, shared experience. Guests spend a few minutes in the balloon basket, rising above the immediate surroundings, which offers a new perspective and a moment of wonder. It’s not just about the view or the height; it’s about the momentary escape from the ordinary, offering both excitement and tranquility within the same experience.

What's So Great About Balloon Tethers?

Tethered balloons serve as an eye-catching centerpiece, drawing attention and adding a visual spectacle to any event. They offer an unforgettable backdrop for photos, creating lasting memories of the occasion. Additionally, because the rides are relatively short, more guests have the opportunity to experience the joy of ballooning, making it an inclusive activity.

Hot air balloon tethering
Hot air balloon Tethering

Beyond the thrill and the views, tethered hot air balloon rides foster a sense of community. Sharing an experience like this can bring people together, making it an excellent addition to festivals and community events where shared experiences contribute to the event’s atmosphere and identity.

Hot Air Balloon Tethers Are Practical

Balloon glow in downtown Winthrop WA
Balloon glow in downtown Winthrop WA

The practicality of tethered rides also comes into play. They can be set up in various settings, from urban areas to open fields, making them versatile attractions for events of all kinds. Moreover, the ability to customize the balloon with banners or logos can align with the event’s theme or highlight sponsors, integrating the ride seamlessly into the event’s broader purpose.

How Much Do Balloon Tethers Cost

Hot air balloon tethers range from $3500 an hour to $8000 an hour based on the size of the hot air balloon being used.  Smaller hot air balloons can take 4-6 people up at a time, whereas our larger balloons can accommodate 10-12 guests.  Some corporate or private events may select to have the Seattle Ballooning team find a specific colored balloon to match the aesthetic. The cost of acquiring a specific colored balloon ranges from 10k-20k plus shipping both ways.  

Hot air balloon tether
Hot air balloon tether

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