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Elevate Your Productions: Hot Air Balloon Rentals for TV & Film

When it comes to adding a touch of airborne wonder to your TV or film production, there’s only one name that rises above the rest: Seattle Ballooning. As the premier choice in the United States for hot air balloon rentals in the TV and film industry, we’ve seamlessly blended the magic of ballooning with the cinematic world, turning ordinary shots into breathtaking visuals. Dive in to discover how we can elevate your next production to unparalleled heights! 

Why Choose Real Hot Air Balloons vs CG?

The magic of hot air balloons lies not just in their timeless beauty but in their unique perspective. It’s a marriage of the ethereal and the tangible; a perfect union for the silver screen. Whether you’re striving for a sweeping establishing shot, a dreamy sequence transition, or an awe-inducing panoramic view, a balloon can provide that unmatched cinematic scope. Using a real hot air balloon is the only way to go. The inauthenticity is obvious when not using real hot air balloon equipment and the knowledge of real hot air balloon pilots. If you want to see the difference between a real balloon and a CG generated experience look no further. The Aeronauts Movie built their own balloon for filming of the movie, whereas The Sink Hole created a fake hot air balloon and a ton of CG. We’ll let you in on a secret…The Sink Hole ballooning scenes are pretty rough.

Hot Air Balloon Rental Applications by Category

  • Film: Whether it’s a sweeping romantic drama or an epic fantasy saga, a hot air balloon adds dimension, depth, and visual storytelling potential.
  • TV: Elevate episodic narratives or reality show challenges with the whimsy and wonder of ballooning.
  • Documentaries: Capture the essence of landscapes, explore the history of flight, or delve deep into local cultures from the air.
  • Music Videos: From ethereal aesthetics to dynamic backdrops, elevate your artist’s visual narrative.
  • Commercials: With a balloon’s universal appeal, easily captivate your target audience, whether you’re advertising luxury goods or adventurous experiences.
  • Reality TV: Reality TV shows often use hot air balloons for those special moments.

Filming in Washington State

Washington State offers diverse landscapes, from coastal regions to alpine meadows. With its urban charm juxtaposed against natural beauty, Seattle presents a palette of production opportunities. Our local expertise and understanding of the state’s geographical and logistical nuances make Seattle Ballooning your perfect partner in the Pacific Northwest.

Film and TV hot air balloon rental
Hot air balloon rental film and tv

Filming Anywhere in the US

Our reputation isn’t confined to the Evergreen State. With our nationwide network, whether you’re shooting amidst the urban landscapes of New York or the deserts of Arizona, we’ve got you covered.

Film budgeting with You in Mind

Every filmmaker knows that creating art requires balance—especially when it comes to budgeting. Seattle Ballooning understands the intricacies of film budgets, providing competitive pricing that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Pricing is determined by several variables, including location, hours, and shot complexities, ensuring that film crews get the best value for their investment.

Spotlight: Recent Shows & Movies with Hot Air Balloons

From indie films to blockbuster hits, hot air balloons have found their space in the cinematic universe. Productions like “Around the World in 80 Days”, “Oz the Great and Powerful”, and TV shows like “The Bachelor” has leveraged the spectacle of ballooning to enchant audiences.

Our Experienced FAA Hot Air Balloon Pilots

When it comes to your production, precision is paramount. Our FAA-certified pilots bring not just expertise but also an understanding of cinematic requirements. Their adeptness ensures that your vision is translated perfectly, frame by frame. You also get to work with our Award-Winning Balloon Pilots. Our staff of pilots includes national champion balloon competitors and are balloon accident free.  With our hot air balloon charters, you’ll get a great pilot and the shots you want. 

Unparalleled Safety Record

Safety isn’t just a guideline; it’s our creed. At Seattle Ballooning, we pride ourselves on an impeccable safety record, ensuring that the only surprises on set are scripted ones. 

Capturing Footage with Us

  • Amazing Footage: Our balloons can maneuver to capture those golden hour shots, silhouettes against a setting sun, or dramatic ascents amidst clouds.
  • Authentic Footage: Stay true to your storyboard. We ensure realism, be it a historic period drama or a contemporary romance.
  • B-Roll Footage: Add layers to your narrative with our extensive B-roll collection, capturing the nuances of ballooning.

Tethered Balloons

Tethered hot air balloons allow for a balloon film experience with out having to go thousands of feet in the air.  Strong tether ropes allow the balloon to float 50-100 feet above the ground. 

Hot Air Balloons In Flight

Film a single balloon launch or multiple hot air balloons launching simultaneously. Our wide network of balloon pilots allows us to stage a hot air balloon festival with up to 30 balloons. 

Hot Air Balloon Props

If you want to use a hot air balloon basket for indoor production, need to rent balloon envelopes for a scene, or any additional balloon rigging, we are happy to help. You can look at us as a full balloon rental service.

Custom Hot Air Balloons

Many films and commercials select to build a custom hot air balloon for us to fly.  We help producers and directors design beautiful balloons to be used in their production. Hot air balloons can also be designed to be any shape.

Why Choose Us?

For producers and directors who seek an amalgamation of cinematic flair, logistical ease, and professionalism, Seattle Ballooning is the go-to choice. We offer tailored solutions, flexibility in shoot schedules, and a collaborative approach to ensure your vision takes flight. 

In the dynamic realm of film and TV production, it’s the details that set you apart. Seattle Ballooning is committed to providing those distinct touches, transforming projects and scenes into cinematic masterpieces. Let’s embark on this airborne journey together!

Shots From The Sky

Envisioning a shot from the skies? Reach out to us today. View our gallery, get insights from previous collaborations, and let’s script a scene that soars!

List of movies that have used hot air balloons in production:

  1. Octopussy In this thrilling James Bond adventure, the enigmatic agent 007 embarks on a quest to solve the enigma behind a fellow “00” agent’s demise, discovered with a rare Indian Fabergé egg. As he dives deep into this intrigue, Bond reveals a perilous smuggling scheme masterminded by the seductive Octopussy. A vital scene involves a dramatic hot air balloon escape, which only adds to the film’s trademark high-octane excitement. The balloon becomes an emblematic vehicle of suspense, as Bond seeks to prevent a Russian General’s malevolent plan to instigate a new World War.
  2. Tad, the Lost Explorer Dreamer Tad, who fancies himself as an eminent archaeologist, finds his humdrum Chicago construction life turned upside down. Mistaken for a renowned professor, he’s whisked away on a flight to Peru. Amidst ancient ruins and lost cities, Tad finds himself traveling in a hot air balloon, soaring over the breathtaking Peruvian landscapes, embodying the epitome of adventure he’d only dreamt of. As he searches for the mythical city of Paititi, the balloon plays a pivotal role in navigating challenges and mysteries.
  3. Around the World in 80 Days Set against a Victorian backdrop, this riveting adventure witnesses a bold wager: circumnavigate the globe in just 80 days. Joining the journey are a British inventor Phileas Fogg, nimble Chinese thief Passepartout, and a visionary French artist. The hot air balloon emerges as an iconic symbol of their unyielding spirit and determination. As they rise above continents and cross vast oceans, this whimsical mode of transport encapsulates their audacious attempt to rewrite history.
  4. Doraemon: Nobita’s Chronicle of the Moon Exploration When the moon mystically transforms, turning a vivid yellow, Nobita and his robotic cat Doraemon embark on a lunar odyssey. Using a hot air balloon as their vessel, they traverse the moon’s alien terrain, birthing bunnies to establish a unique colony. The hot air balloon signifies their imaginative spirit, transporting them between celestial bodies. Upon return, Nobita’s tales are dismissed as fantasies until two mysterious pupils hint at extraterrestrial origins.
  5. The Aeronauts (2019) Amelia Wren, a fearless balloon pilot, and James Glaisher, a visionary meteorologist, unite in 1862 with a shared ambition: soar higher than any human before. Their hot air balloon, an emblem of hope and peril, carries them to unprecedented altitudes. As they scale atmospheric heights, they’re confronted with life-threatening challenges, both physical and emotional. The balloon journey transcends mere discovery, reshaping their perspectives on life and existence below.
  6. How to Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days (1984) Young Milo, in his pursuit of perfection, gets more than he bargained for. Yearning to eradicate his flaws, he undergoes bizarre challenges, one of which includes a surreal journey on a hot air balloon. This ethereal voyage symbolizes his inner quest for self-acceptance and individuality. Floating high above, Milo gains a transformative perspective, realizing that imperfections are what make life vivid and joyous.
  7. Mannequin Two: On the Move (1991) A tale of timeless love unfolds in a modern-day department store. Jason, a humble clerk, discovers he’s the reincarnation of a prince, separated from his love, Jessie, by a malevolent wizard who turned her into a wooden statue. When Jessie, now a mannequin, reawakens from her millennium-long slumber in Jason’s store, their love story is rekindled. However, shadows from the past loom, as the wicked wizard resurfaces, threatening to tear them apart once more.
  8. Ghosts of Mars (2001) In the year 2176, Mars isn’t just a red planet; it’s a red alert. Dispatched to retrieve a dangerous criminal from a remote outpost, a Martian police unit instead finds a chilling scene of desolation. As they delve deeper, they stumble upon Mars’ original denizens, ancient and wrathful, determined to reclaim their turf. What ensues is an otherworldly battle for dominance and survival.
  9. Around the World in Eighty Days (1956) Jules Verne’s classic tale comes to cinematic life, following the intrepid Phileas Fogg in a globe-trotting race against time. With only 80 days to circle the Earth, a feat considered near-impossible in that era, Fogg embarks on an adventure filled with danger, intrigue, and exhilaration, challenging the very limits of Victorian-era transportation and human determination.
  10. Mysterious Island (1961) In the throes of the US Civil War, a group of Union POWs find themselves escaping captivity in a balloon, only to crash on an uncharted island in the South Pacific. This is no ordinary island, but one where nature has gone awry — gigantic creatures and plants reign supreme. A continuation of ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’, the stranded men must navigate treacherous terrains and devise a plan to return to civilization.
  11. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen Embark on a fantastical journey with the legendary Baron Munchausen, a man known for his tall tales and incredible adventures. Accompanied by an eclectic band of misfits, Munchausen’s stories whisk audiences away to far-off lands, incredible battles, and impossible feats. It’s a whimsical exploration of the thin line between fact and fiction, told with grandeur and humor.
  12. Balloon The iron grip of the GDR is suffocating for two families, leading them to hatch a daring escape plan using a homemade hot air balloon. Their initial attempt crashes just shy of freedom, leaving behind clues for the relentless Stasi. As the manhunt intensifies, they’re ensnared in a desperate race against time, crafting another balloon to soar to liberty. The sky becomes a battleground of wills, determination, and hope.
  13. The Chipmunk Adventure When Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, the iconic Chipmunks, along with the Chipettes, embark on a hot air balloon race for a whopping $10,000 prize, they’re unaware they’re floating into a treacherous diamond smuggling operation. The skies become a canvas of mischief, music, and mystery as they navigate the perils of their airborne adventure and outwit cunning criminals.
  14. The Concorde… Airport ’79 Amidst the glamour of international aviation, Joe Patroni once again finds himself in the center of chaos. This time, aboard the Concorde, he faces unprecedented threats: a barrage of nuclear missiles, interception by the French Air Force, and the looming disaster of the aircraft splitting in two over the treacherous Alps. In a stunning visual contrast, hot air balloons serenely float in the skies, unaware of the high-stakes drama unfolding on the Concorde above them.
  15. 500 MPH Storm A catastrophic experiment thrusts North America into an unparalleled disaster. With massive hurricanes tearing through the continent, a high school science teacher races against time to save his family. As they navigate the treacherous landscape, they witness the surreal sight of hot air balloons being swept up, emphasizing the sheer power of the storms. The stakes heighten when it becomes clear that these storms could combine into a colossal “hypercane.”
  16. Kind Hearts and Coronets A tale of vengeance and aristocracy, Louis Mazzini seeks retribution for the dishonor thrust upon his mother. Cast out for love, he plots to eliminate every family member blocking his path to the esteemed family fortune. At one pivotal moment, a hot air balloon ride provides a clandestine meeting point, adding an element of whimsy to this darkly comedic tale of revenge.
  17. Before Night Falls Venture into the life of Reinaldo Arenas, a luminous Cuban poet and novelist. As he traverses the tapestry of his life, a hot air balloon symbolically represents his desire to break free from the confines of Castro’s regime, adding a touch of poetic imagery to his journey.
  18. The Fabulous World of Jules Verne In a world teetering on the brink of industrial magnificence, a professor’s study of “pure matter” becomes the target for a burgeoning dictator. Amidst the tension, there’s a mesmerizing scene where hot air balloons, representing the pinnacle of modernity, float over a city on the cusp of a technological revolution.
  19. Enduring Love In a serene English countryside, a couple’s perfect afternoon unravels into chaos when a distressed hot air balloon appears. As Joe, Claire, and other bystanders rush to aid, a sequence of tragic events ensues. This balloon accident becomes the catalyst for the ensuing narrative, binding Joe with another stranger in a tale of obsession, love, and psychological tumult. 20. Sink Hole (2013) A seemingly ordinary day turns into a nightmare when a town vanishes into a gigantic sinkhole. Above, the calm and serenity of a hot air balloon ride juxtaposes the terror below, adding a hauntingly beautiful visual to the narrative. The balloon riders, high above, become unexpected witnesses to the catastrophe, tying them into the story of survival and hope.
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