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Mercer Island is a beautiful place to live and explore. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, try taking a hot air balloon ride! There are many sights and activities close to Mercer Island that can be enjoyed from heights not otherwise possible. Lake Washington’s water looks amazing from up high in the sky and Mount Rainier is stunning at any time of day. Hot air balloons close to Mercer Island fly regularly, so check with Seattle Ballooning about availability to take your hot air balloon ride today!

Mercer Island Hot Air Balloon
Hot air balloon near mercer island and in front of Mt. Rainier

One of the many places in Washington to see hot air balloons is Mercer Island. These magnificent flying machines can be seen from afar or up close at both dawn or dusk. The most beautiful flight is in front of Mt. Rainier as a perfect backdrop. In the North, you can spot hot air balloons flying near Snohomish and Woodinville. Air balloon rides are an unforgettable experience for all ages. You will get to soar above high above majestic views like Mt. Rainier towering above surrounding mountains!

Hot air balloon in front of MT. Rainier from Mercer Iland
Hot air balloon in the distance from Mercer Island and with Mt. Rainier

Some background on Mercer Island 

George Mercer opened the Mercer Island Ferry service in the 1890’s paving the way for the island’s growth. In the 1940’s, passengers no longer had to hop on the ferry but could take a bridge that connected the island to the city of Seattle. Located in Lake Washington, Mercer Island has beautiful parks and beaches offering panoramic views of the Cascade Mountain Range and Mt. Rainier.

For a jaw-dropping, scenic view of Mercer Island and Lake Washington area you’ll want to book an exclusive hot air balloon ride with Seattle Ballooning. The hot air balloons fly up to 5000′ in the Puget Sound area for close-up views that will blow your mind! Operating from May to September, flights start from $295 per person with an impeccable glass of champagne to enjoy after every flight.

Launching hot air balloons in perfect weather
Three hot air balloon rides launching in good weather for sunset

The Mercer Island restaurant scene caters to all tastes?

Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic dinner or want to grab something quick and eat on the go, Mercer Island has restaurants that will satisfy you. There’s Mioposto with upscale dining perfect for date night; The Roanoke Inn is a great place for drinks after work or to catch your favorite sports games!

Old 76 offers burgers and fries at unbeatable prices – it doesn’t get much better than this meal deal. Of course there are healthy options around too: Sano Cafe serves fresh juices & acai bowls as well as other healthful dishes like salads & sandwiches. They make them right before your eyes by hand from local organic ingredients!

The perfect day is to enjoy all the area has to offer! Take a sunrise hot air balloon ride with Seattle ballooning right in front of Mt. Rainier then head to Mercer Island to finish your day with activities and food!

Kirkland hot air ballooning
Hot air balloon sunrise Kirkland

A couple questions about hot air balloon rides with Seattle Ballooning.

What times do we fly? 

We operate two flights a day one at sunrise and sunset. The one thing you absolutely cannot miss out on is our amazing sunrise flight. In the air 15-20 before the sun rises on the horizon the view is completely unforgettable.

How long is a hot air balloon ride? 

The total hot air balloon experience take about 3 hours from passengers being picked up then dropped off. The flight itself is roughly 60 minutes and includes a beautiful glass of champagne for all 21+ passengers post flight. Book your flight with Seattle Ballooning.

Hot air balloon or UFO flying
Hot air balloon like ufo
Hot Air Balloon Pilot Eliav C.
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