Adventure Alert: Hot Air Ballooning Over Mt. Rainier

It’s not often that hot air balloonists get the opportunity to be part of history, and set a new record. Being the first to fly a hot air balloon over Mt. Rainier deserves a ton of credit.

Alaska Air 747: Requesting clearance to fly by Mt. Rainier

Seatac: Negative…balloon in area

Alaska Air 747: A balloon? I am at 20,000ft

SeaTac: Balloon is currently over the top of Mt. Rainier at 20,200

Alaska Air 747: That’s a first. I have visual…

Mount Rainier aerial view

In 2002, Vic Johnson along with his friend Larry took the adventure of a lifetime and became the first hot air balloon pilots to fly over Mt. Rainier. After months of planning, a briefcase of permits from the FAA, Military, and Government, they crested the top of Rainier. Three hours later, Vic landed the balloon softly in a farmers field in Wenatchee.

When folks discover that I provide hot air balloon flights in front of Mt. Rainier, I often get asked the following questions “How high do you fly? Can you fly over the Cascades or Mt. Rainier?”. On regular commercial hot air balloon rides in the Washington, pilots fly below 12,500ft so they can avoid using oxygen. In Auburn and Enumclaw, we typically stay below 3000ft due to the commercial air traffic coming into Seattle.

After flying hot air balloons all over the world, I have found that flying in front of Mt. Rainier is something special. Although the view from a hot air balloon is always breathtaking, the experience of seeing the sun’s rays reflect off snow-capped Mt. Rainier at sunrise is majestic. The Enumclaw valley is lush with extravagant horse stables, cattle ranches, beautiful lakes and rivers, and even bison farms. From Seattle Ballooning’s luxury hot air balloon tour, you’ll have a birds-eye view of Lake Tapps, downtown Seattle, and Tacoma.

Before you decide to take a once-in-a-lifetime adventure like flying over Mt. Rainier or the Cascades, fly with us on a luxury French inspired hot air balloon flight. We are the only luxury hot air balloon company providing private and semi-private flights in front of Mt. Rainier. You’ll experience the wonders of Mt. Rainier, and enjoy a French post flight celebration with fresh baguettes, triple cream brie, croissants, and delicious champagne.

Balloon season is here, and we look forward to taking you on an extraordinary adventure. Weekend flights are filling up quickly. Click Here to book a flight for May, June, July, or August.

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Chief pilot of Seattle Ballooning. I get the opportunity to provide luxury hot air balloon rides just South of Seattle in front of Mt. Rainier. When you do what you love, it’s not considered work.

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