Physical Requirements To Join A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Adventure Beckons: Know Your Physical Requirements for a Safe Hot Air Balloon Ride with Seattle Ballooning

Hello adventurous souls!

Whether you’re contemplating a thrilling journey with us or you’ve already secured your spot for an unforgettable hot air balloon ride, welcome! At Seattle Ballooning, we’re thrilled to share an experience that’s been part of countless unforgettable memories, including enchanting 100th birthday celebrations amidst the clouds.

But before we take to the skies, it’s crucial to understand the physical requirements to ensure a safe and comfortable adventure for all. So, let’s dive right into it!

Who Can Embark On This Hot Air Balloon Journey?

Our hot air balloon rides, just like the skies, are open for almost everyone! We’ve hosted a diverse crowd, from tiny adventurers aged 4 and above on our sunrise flights to older explorers aged 8 and up enjoying the splendor of the sunset from the skies. And let’s not forget those 100th birthdays celebrated in the grandeur of the clouds! However, to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort, there are a few boxes to check:

  • Physical Independence: Can you climb in and out of our balloon’s basket without any aid? That’s exactly the spirit of adventure we’re looking for. No walkers, canes, or seats may be brought aboard.
  • Stamina: Can you comfortably stand for about an hour? There are things to lean against, however, our flights typically last this long and there is no where to sit.
  • Health Considerations: For those who are pregnant, have recently undergone surgery, or have significant back or neck injuries, we highly recommend a consultation with your physician before coming onboard. We place your safety and comfort above all.
  • The Kitchen Chair Test: Ready for a fun test? Try jumping off a kitchen chair. If that’s a breeze for you, consider yourself ready for the balloon landing. If you cannot jump off a kitchen chair without hurting yourself, you should not participate.

What If I’m Afraid Of Heights?

Surprisingly, over 50% of our passengers have had fears of heights prior to their flight, and every single one of them had an amazing time! A hot air balloon ride is quite unlike being on the edge of a tall building. It’s a gentle, gradual ascent, with no rocking or turbulence, and seasickness is completely off the table. You’ll be a part of the panorama, making the experience tranquil and calming.

Our Promise: Safety First

Our unblemished safety record at Seattle Ballooning stands as a testament to our commitment to these physical requirements and guidelines. Therefore, please note that guests who cannot meet the physical requirements on the day of the flight will not be issued refunds.

Embracing the skies in a hot air balloon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you can check off these requirements, you’re all set for an adventure you’ll cherish for a lifetime. The sky is waiting for you! Let’s defy gravity and create lasting memories together.

Thank you for considering Seattle Ballooning for your hot air balloon adventure. We look forward to welcoming you onboard!

Sincerely, The Seattle Ballooning Team

Hot Air Balloon Pilot Eliav C.
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Chief pilot of Seattle Ballooning. I get the opportunity to provide luxury hot air balloon rides just South of Seattle in front of Mt. Rainier. When you do what you love, it’s not considered work.

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