Prosser Balloon Festival – Fly with 20+ Balloons

Prosser Balloon Festival: Join 20+ Hot Air Balloons From The Air As They Launch At Sunrise Each Morning from the Prosser Airport

Only 3 Days! Sep 27-29, 2024!

Great Prosser Hot Air Balloon Festival
Great Prosser hot air balloon festival

Gather around, adventurers and dreamers, for an ethereal journey awaits at the Prosser Balloon Festival! From September 27th to 29th, 2024, become part of a whimsical adventure that takes flight above world-renowned orchards, luscious vineyards and through Washington’s most enchanting skies.

Whether you watch the hot air balloons or book a ride to fly in one, you’ll have an amazing experience at this hot air balloon festival. Private hot air balloon pilots from across the Northwest come to this 3-day balloon festival each year to fly over the Yakima river and get some epic views of wine country. The festival, unfortunately, will not allow people to purchase a balloon ride to fly in the festival grounds. The good news is… this year Seattle Ballooning will be providing rides to the general public during the weekend at Prosser Balloon Festival for the first time, launching within a mile of the festival and joining the balloons in the air! What a great opportunity for guests and festival goers!

Guests will have the opportunity to purchase a ride to fly in a shared balloon basket with up to 8 other guests or select a private hot air balloon ride for two. The Great Prosser Balloon Festival only allows private pilots to be officially part of the festival and launch from the airport launch field. That’s why Seattle Ballooning secured multiple launch locations within a mile of the airport to launch.

Book A Hot Air Balloon Ride in Prosser During The Festival Weekend 

Hot air ballooning is a bucket list experience for a reason! Imagine drifting peacefully with 20-plus hot air balloons above the famous Chukar Cherries orchards, where the tantalizing aroma of ripening cherries wafts through the air. Glide serenely over the vast expanses of TreeTop Apple Farms, or float inches above the water of the Yakima River. The private hot air balloons launch each morning (weather permitting) from the Prosser Washington Airport and then float down the Yakima Valley. The commercial hot air balloon rides launch near the field and join the other balloons in flight.

Launching hot air balloons at the Prosser Balloon Festival
Ballons launching at the great prosser balloon festival

Seattle Ballooning provides commercial hot air balloon rides during the weekend of the Great Prosser Balloon Rally. This year Seattle Ballooning will bring their entire fleet of 5 hot air balloons.  This gives locals and tourists from around Washington State an opportunity that has never been available in the past – to book a ride during this festival. The balloons vary in size, allowing them to accommodate large groups of up to 10 guests as well as private parties with two, four, or six guests. All balloon flights last around 60 minutes and are wind and weather dependent.  

Night Glow Magic At The Prosser Hot Air Balloon Festival

Don’t miss the balloon glow at Art Fiker Stadium on Sat, September 28th. When the vibrant hues of sunset merge with the approaching twilight, the Prosser skies become an enchanting canvas, illuminated by the gentle glow of hot air balloons. Amidst this radiant spectacle, share whispers, giggles, and moments of awe, creating memories delicately lit by the luminous dance of the balloons against the starry backdrop.

Prosser Balloon Rally Glow
Hot air balloon glow at the Great Prosser Balloon Rally

Washington State Balloon Festival: Weaving Through Iconic Landscapes

🍒 Cherish the Views: Behold the renowned Chukar Cherries orchards from above, where nature’s sweet offerings lay in vibrant arrays beneath your floating basket.

🍏 An Apple a Day and a View So Grand: Hover over TreeTop Apple Farms, with a sprawling tapestry of apple bounty unfolding beneath your whimsical ride.

🍇 Vineyard Vistas: Gently traverse above sprawling vineyards, where each grape cluster narrates tales of a robust, flavorful journey from vine to vintage.

An Uplifting Experience at Prosser Balloon Festival

Join the communion of ballooning enthusiasts, curious souls, and playful spirits at the Great Prosser Balloon Festival. It’s a kaleidoscopic adventure, where not only do you witness a dazzling array of colors above but also float above a rich, flavorful tapestry of Prosser’s legendary culinary landscapes below.

What’s the Best Spot to View the Prosser Balloon Festival?

The Great Prosser Balloon Festival is one of the most picturesque events in the region, and finding the perfect spot to experience its splendor can enhance the experience. Here are your top options:

    1. Prosser Airport: The heart of the action! The Prosser Airport is where you can watch the balloons being inflated and begin their majestic ascent. It’s a fantastic spot to feel the buzz and energy of the festival and witness the balloons’ transition from ground to sky.
    2. Wine Country Rd Bridge: Situated just half a mile from the main festival grounds, this bridge offers an unparalleled vantage point for photographing the hot air balloons. Set up here and you can capture mesmerizing photos of the balloons with their vibrant hues reflecting off the river beneath. The early morning glow, combined with the shimmering river reflections, makes for a photographer’s dream.
    3. From Above in a Hot Air Balloon: For those wanting to truly immerse themselves in the festival, there’s no comparison to the view from within a hot air balloon itself. Glide amidst the array of balloons and see the world from a different perspective. Due to the popularity of this experience, spaces fill up quickly during the festival. It’s highly recommended to secure your booking well in advance. All hot air balloon rides have a flight time of around an hour.
    4. Book your Prosser Balloon Flight here
    5. Check out the Eventbrite for additional Great Prosser Balloon Festival Information




Whichever spot you choose, the Great Prosser Balloon Festival promises a visual treat. Make sure to arrive early and enjoy the spectacle!

How Much is the Admission for the Prosser Balloon Festival Weekend?

When it comes to the Prosser Balloon Festival, one of the most enchanting weekend events in the region, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s no charge for admission. Yes, the Prosser Balloon Festival admission is completely free! Whether you’re eager to witness the balloons inflate and gracefully ascend into the sky or you’re looking forward to the mesmerizing balloon glow in the evening, there’s no cost associated. So, not only can you enjoy the spectacle of the festival, but you can also appreciate the added bonus of free admission, making it an affordable outing for everyone. Remember to come early for the best spots and enjoy every moment! If you want to fly in a balloon during the weekend, Prosser balloon festival weekend flights start at $350pp.

From Which Regions Do the Pilots of the Prosser Balloon Festival Hail?

The Prosser Balloon Festival is not just a local spectacle, but a gathering point for enthusiasts across the region. The pilots who showcase their skills at this event come from various parts of the Pacific Northwest. Specifically, we have representation from major cities like Seattle and Portland, as well as from the charming town of Walla Walla. Furthermore, pilots journey from broader regions, including Idaho, showcasing the diversity of participants. Both Washington State and Oregon also contribute their seasoned balloonists, making the festival a melting pot of talents from across these vibrant states. This rich tapestry of origins is part of what makes the Prosser Balloon Festival such a unique and celebrated event.

Where Do The Balloons Launch From During The Prosser Balloon Festival?

During the Prosser Balloon Festival, the primary launch site for the hot air balloons is the Prosser Airport. For those wishing to experience the spectacle up close or plan their visit, here are the details of the launch location:

    • Address: Prosser Airport, 111 Nunn Road, Prosser, WA 99350

Visitors are advised to arrive early to secure a good viewing spot, as the process of inflating and launching the balloons is quite the sight to behold. Given its significance to the event, the Prosser Airport turns into a hub of activity and excitement, offering spectators a firsthand look at the balloons as they prepare to ascend into the skies above.

The commercial hot air balloon rides launch a 1/2 mile from the airport. The commercial hot air balloon rides join the private balloon pilot participating in the festival in the air.

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