The Muckleshoot Resort and Casino (Where To Stay!)

Why the Muckleshoot Casino and Resort is THE Place to Stay for Your Seattle Ballooning Adventure!

Whether you’ve already booked your balloon flight or are considering experiencing the unparalleled magic of a hot air balloon ride with Seattle Ballooning, you’ll need a place to stay! The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe recently opened its state-of-the-art hotel! Not only do you get the breathtaking experience of soaring above the clouds in a balloon with the majestic Mt. Rainier as your backdrop, but you’ll have the perfect place to stay before and after your flight. Say hello to the Muckleshoot Casino and Resort!

Muckleshoot casino
Hot air balloons in front of the Muckleshoot casino

You Absolutely Must Consider Staying at The Muckleshoot Casino and Resort

Get a special rate through Seattle Ballooning for your hotel stay at the Muckleshoot Casino and Resort

Muckleshoot casino and resort
Muckleshoot casino and resort

Location, Location, Location!

Seattle Ballooning picks guests up directly in front of the Muckleshoot Casino Resort. Located in Auburn, Washington, just 35 minutes from Downtown Seattle is a true paradise. The Muckleshoot Casino is nestled beautifully amidst the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest, Mt. Rainier, The Green River, and The White River. It’s pretty amazing! The Muckleshoot Casino’s 18-story, 401-room glass tower hotel in Auburn, Washington, offers jaw-dropping views that will kickstart your hot air ballooning experience before you even take off! It’s actually the tallest structure in the entire area. Plus, it’s the closest upscale hotel to Mt. Rainier National Park, allowing you to bask in nature’s glory without the city hustle. The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe has spent billions of dollars over the last three years to create a world-class gaming facility, a beautiful hotel, and an epic event space woven with Native American culture and Muckleshoot history as an homage to their ancestors. 

Muckleshoot Luxurious Comfort

At the heart of the Pacific Northwest, with the majestic backdrop of Mt. Rainier and the serene White River, stands the Muckleshoot Casino Resort. It’s not just any resort but a 5-diamond haven of luxury and comfort. It’s the largest hotel in the South Sound, and every facet of this establishment screams luxury. Plus, it’s a smoke-free hotel…which should be the norm anyway! The Muckleshoot Tribe created a premium property to compete with the Four Seasons and The Fairmont Hotel in Seattle. They did a fantastic job. The first thing guests are likely to notice is the exceptional staff, ever ready with a warm greeting, ensuring that each guest feels special and well-attended. The Elevated Guest Services set a new standard for hospitality, seamlessly combining professionalism with personal touch. Have a special request or need assistance planning your day? The concierge services are at your beck and call, equipped with in-depth knowledge of the locale and a genuine desire to enhance your stay. The hotel rooms are nothing short of perfection. First, the 18-story hotel tower is impeccably designed; each room offers a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and cozy comfort. Imagine waking up to uninterrupted views of Mt. Rainier or watching the sunset over the White River. It’s not just a stay; it’s an experience. But the luxury doesn’t end there. The resort houses a state-of-the-art spa that promises a journey of rejuvenation and relaxation. Signature spa services, curated by skilled professionals, invite guests to shed their stresses and indulge in unparalleled pampering. And for those who prefer a more active form of relaxation, the indoor, climate-controlled pool awaits. Dive in and let the water’s embrace soothe your senses. Thinking of stepping out to explore the city or need a ride to your next adventure? The resort offers an exclusive town car service, ensuring guests travel in style and comfort, adding another layer of luxury to the experience.

Muckleshoot Exquisite Dining

Fine dining South of Seattle is typically challenging. Now, you can elevate your taste buds at the Muckleshoot Casino’s multiple restaurants.  Our favorite is the rooftop fine-dining restaurant. Dine high up while soaking in the mesmerizing views of Mt. Rainier and the Cascade Mountains. If you plan on flying on a hot air balloon the following day, go to dinner an hour before sunset and watch the balloons fly down the White River!  And did we mention it’s a steak restaurant?  Think Wagyu Steaks and high-end wines. Plus, there are outdoor dining and indoor dining tables available! Seattle Ballooning’s team will help you secure a reservation if needed. The casino also hosts various food options in their 5 other restaurants.  You’ll find pizza, ice cream, deli food, and authentic Asian food.

Muckleshoot Resort and Casino Ice Cream
Muckleshoot Resort and Casino Ice Cream

Special Occasions Deserve Special Treatment

If you plan to pop the question mid-air… Or celebrate years of wedded bliss? Staying at the Muckleshoot Casino Resort will absolutely amplify your special day. All the rooms have incredible views and furnishings. However, suite rooms are also available (some have over 2000 square feet); it’s a perfect setting for creating memories you’ll cherish forever.

Easy Peasy Logistics

Seattle Ballooning meets all our guests at the Muckleshoot Casino. So, there is no need for that 35-40-minute drive from downtown Seattle, a long drive from Everett, or a ferry ride from the islands. Book your room, walk outside, and you’re set to fly! Plus, there’s safe parking, delicious food options before and after your flight, and (if you’re feeling lucky) some pre or post-flight gambling. Plus parking is easy too. They offer valet parking and have secure parking spots.

Meeting at the Muckleshoot Casino

Discover the Ultimate Gaming Experience at Muckleshoot Casino In Auburn

For those of our guests with a passion for luck and skill, the Muckleshoot Casino Resort promises an unparalleled gaming experience that will undoubtedly elevate the thrill factor! The resort has 157,000 square feet of continuous gaming! It’s home to over 3,500 video gaming machines, A Caesars sportsbook, and many table games. Also, the majority of our guests prefer a smoke-free environment; it’s noteworthy to mention that the Muckleshoot boasts Washington’s largest smoke-free gaming area. Another fun option is Muckleshoot Bingo, just down the road from the Muckleshoot Hotel. So, when our guests ask us for recommendations post-flight, we often point them toward the Muckleshoot Casino. Whether they’re enticed by the slot machines, eager to bet on their favorite sports team, or excited to challenge themselves at the tables, the casino promises an unmatched gaming experience. Place those bets and let the exhilaration sweep you off your feet.

Muckleshoot Resort and Casino Table Games
Muckleshoot Resort and Casino Table Games

Combine A Few Activities!

Not only does the Muckleshoot Casino Resort offer unparalleled amenities, but being owned by the Muckleshoot tribe, it’s uniquely positioned as a hub for world-class entertainment. Their event center, a whopping 20,000 square feet, is the tribe’s crown jewel, doubling as a premier concert venue. Here, top performers around the globe grace the stage, turning any night into a special event. Whether you’re celebrating a personal milestone or simply seeking a weekend of wonder, integrating ballooning, luxury accommodation, and a live performance at this prime venue promises memories for a lifetime. Plus, during the summer, check out the Muckleshoot Tribe’s premier outdoor venue, the White River Amphitheater! 

White River Amphitheater
White River Amphitheater

Special Seattle Ballooning Rate For Muckleshoot Casino and Resort Hotel Rooms

And here’s the cherry on top! All Seattle Ballooning guests are eligible for a discounted rate through our fantastic partnership with Muckleshoot Casino and Resort. So, not only do you get an exquisite experience, but you also get a great hotel room rate!

The Muckleshoot Casino and Resort provides the ideal blend of luxury, convenience, and natural beauty to make your hot air balloon adventure with Seattle Ballooning genuinely memorable. Book your flight and room today, and elevate your entire experience. 

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