Winter Weekend Escape From Seattle In March

Winter Hot Air Balloon Festival In Winthrop Washington Experience

It was a chilly winter morning in Seattle, the sky a crisp blue and the snow glistening on the ground. My companion and I were eager for adventure, and we decided to embark on a hot-air balloon flight with Seattle Ballooning during the Winthrop Balloon Festival.

Hot air balloon ride at the Winthrop Balloon Festival

Arriving At The Balloon Festival Grounds

As we arrived at the festival grounds, the colorful balloons were already filling the sky. We were greeted by the friendly staff of Seattle Ballooning, who helped us with the safety briefing and prepared us for our flight.

As we climbed into the basket, the excitement was palpable. The burners roared to life, heating the air inside the balloon and lifting us gently off the ground. As we rose higher and higher, the views of the surrounding landscape were genuinely breathtaking.

Winthrop hot air balloon festival
Balloons launching at the Winthrop Balloon Festival

Views Of The Methow Valley

Winthrop balloon festival
Flying over the Methow River in the Winthrop Balloon Festival

We drifted over snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes, the clear winter air providing unobstructed views in every direction. The other balloons were colorful, dotting the sky like a kaleidoscope.

After a while, our pilot skillfully guided the balloon down for a gentle landing. We were grateful for the experience, and the memories of our winter adventure in a hot air balloon would stay with us for a lifetime.

If you are looking for a unique and exciting winter adventure, take a hot air balloon flight with Seattle Ballooning during the Winthrop Balloon Festival. It is an experience you will never forget.

Activities In Winthrop Washington

While visiting Winthrop during the Balloon Festival, there are many other attractions to enjoy in addition to the hot air balloon flights.

Winthrop Ice Skating Rink

One popular option is the Winthrop Ice Skating Rink, located in the heart of town. The rink is a great place to spend an afternoon, whether you are an experienced ice skater or a beginner. You can rent skates and glide around the rink, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the winter weather.

Sleigh Rides

Another fun attraction is the sleigh rides at Sun Mountain Valley Resort. The resort offers horse-drawn sleigh rides through the snowy landscape, providing a unique and scenic way to experience the winter wonderland. You can snuggle up under warm blankets as the horses pull you through the snow, taking in the beautiful views and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.

Overall, Winthrop is an excellent destination for a winter adventure, with plenty of exciting attractions to enjoy during the Balloon Festival. Whether you prefer outdoor activities or more leisurely pursuits, you will find something to suit your interests.

Where To Stay In Winthrop

If you plan to visit Winthrop during the Balloon Festival, I highly recommend staying at an Airbnb or hotel near the river. This will allow you to experience the beauty of the hot air balloons flying overhead in all their majesty.

As the sun rises over the river, the first balloons begin to take flight. The burners roar to life, heating the air inside the balloons and lifting them gently off the ground. The colorful envelopes fill the sky, dotting the landscape with a rainbow of hues.

As the balloons drift overhead, you can hear the excited chatter of the spectators below. Children point and stare in awe, and adults snap photos and videos to capture the moment. The balloons cast a beautiful reflection on the river’s surface, adding to the overall magical atmosphere.

Winthrop Hot Air Balloon Glow

Hot air balloon glow at the Winthrop Balloon Festival

On Saturday night, March 2nd, three hot air balloons inflate in the middle of Old Town Winthrop. As the sun sets and the sky grows dark, some of the balloons are illuminated from within, creating a dazzling light display in the sky.

Winthrop Balloon Round Up Hot Air Balloon Glow
Winthrop Balloon Round-Up Balloon Glow

Staying near the river during the Balloon Festival will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the experience and take in the beauty of the hot air balloons flying overhead. It is truly an unforgettable sight.

Worth The Drive To Winthrop

The Winthrop Balloon Festival is well worth the 4.5-hour drive from Seattle. The festival is a unique and exciting event, offering the opportunity to experience the beauty of hot air balloons flying overhead.

In addition to the hot air balloon flights, the festival also offers a variety of other activities and attractions. You can go cross-country skiing or snowshoe in the nearby Methow Valley, visit the historic town of Winthrop, or enjoy live music and theater performances in the evenings.

The town of Winthrop is a charming destination with a Wild West theme and a friendly atmosphere. There are many restaurants and bars to enjoy, as well as beautiful scenery and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Overall, the Winthrop Balloon Festival is a special event that offers a unique and exciting winter adventure. The drive from Seattle may be long, but it is well worth it for the unforgettable experiences and memories that you will take away from the festival.

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